Syllable emphasis

Is the usual penultimate syllable emphasis shifted to the last syllable when a ‘to bach’ occurs in the last syllable? As for instance in Owain Glyndŵr?

To bach. Tŷ bach is something different entirely. :wink:


Diolch Bach! I knew what the other option is, but didn’t realise ‘to’ means roof and ‘to bach’, a little roof, the accent i can’t easily produce on my laptop, where I am typing this!

Oops! thanks @robbruce :joy::joy::joy:. My mind must be more lavatorial than I thought. :joy::joy::joy:. Correction made!

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Hi @henddraig, I don’t know if it’s available for laptops but the SwiftKey keyboard for android (free download /use) automatically detects whether you type in English or Welsh and inserts the ‘to bach’ automatically as necessary as you type an appropriate Welsh word. Different languages are available to download and they are activated by swiping the space bar (no need even to swipe for Welsh).

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Diolch, but on my iphone i can type tŷ bach and I defy a keyboard to work out when i want ŷ in sentences like this one! On my laptop I can copy more easily, so i tend to use it for that. I do have a set up for accents on the laptop, but I’m a lazy old dragon!

…Anyway -
In my limited understanding, the to bach just signifies the open pronunciation of the vowel, when not otherwise obvious.

Regarding the syllable stress, I guess that both are stressed on this occasion, assuming that the compound noun rule takes over. Sort of: Glyn-Dwr. Or in my case, it just sounds right.


I agree it’s about fell here :slight_smile:

Glyndŵr would have an emphasis on both. I can’t think of enough other examples right now to test it :frowning2:

all of the examples are great specially @robbruce one thnks man for help me.

I was raised near where the big man Glyndŵr lived…ardal Corwen

The ‘dŵr, is more elongated than glyn as you say it (as expected)…
ond y pwyslais? But the emphasis?
Hmm… glyn quite sharp sounding in Gog accent so hard to tell :face_with_thermometer:

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Yeah a lot of place names are made up of two or more words so seem to have multiple emphasis.