Switched from SSIW 6 Month course to SSIW 6 Minute Course - HELP!?

I was 3 lessons away from completing my 6 month welsh speaker course. Out of curiosity for extra content to do after this course, I subscribed to the 6 minute a day course.
Going back to the homepage i noticed my 6 month speaker course was gone i can no longer access it?

Is there anything i can do to get it back?


I can’t answer your question specifically, and the person who probably can, @Deborah-SSi , is currently leading a bootcamp, so it may be a while before she can answer.

In the meantime, you can access all the course material with any subscription from a browser by clicking ‘Learn’ in the top right of the forum screen. From there, choose ‘Challenges’, and you can find everything (remember to choose either the South or North version, whichever you are following). I think (please someone else correct me if I’m wrong) both the 6month and 6minute courses take you to the end of level 2, so if you have a look at the last few challenges of level 2, you should find where you’d got to.

It’s exactly the same course - you get 2 Challenges per week with the 6 Months version, and 1 Challenge a week with the 6 Minutes a Day version, taking you 12 months to complete.

Just access the Challenges as you wish - if you go to ‘Learn’ at the top, that will take you to the learning webpage, and clicking on ‘Learn’ there will give you the option of going directly to the Challenges.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I can access the challanges now thanks.
However the extra course material within the weekly challenge isn’t there. (For example being told to have an hour conversation in welsh or listening to welsh radio), as well as the audio messages I did throughout the course.
Is there no way to see it like this anymore?


I also wanted to do the structured “Deep end” course after this, but even when clicking the link in the weekly email it sends me back to the 6 minute course.
Any further help?

The system keeps track of which course you’re currently in, so if you’re registered in the 6 Minutes course, that’s the one it will show you. If you click on ‘Learn’ at the top of the ‘Learn’ page, it should show you the current course in the dropdown list.

If you click on that, it should show you the text that goes with the Week that you’re currently on. You can read previous weeks by clicking on View Previous, but you can’t read the later text until you reach that Week.

You get the same tasks with the 6 Months and the 12 Months versions, but the tasks are spread out more in the 12-month one.

If you want to do the Deep End course, then you need to register for that once you’ve finished Level 2. Otherwise, you need to email admin@saysomethingin.com and tell them that you want to jump straight to Level 3 now, and you won’t see the email texts for the rest of Level 2.