Switch from N Wales to S wales course

I am into Lesson 10 and I am beginning to sense that when I chose N Wales learning course, as I live in North Wales initially that I perhaps should have opted for S Wales course.
If i struggle with understanding something I have a couple of books on Learning Welsh and (1) they are geared to S wales and (2) i seem to know the s wales words better given my upbringing.
Am i too far into the course to now change.?

Generally speaking I’d say you’re never really too far in the course to change. Yes, there are some differences between North and South Welsh, but in the grand scheme of things it’s really not that bad. Just change over and carry on from there, and in the beginning you will probably say the Northern version in the gap, but if you then listen to what the recording says, you’ll gradually pick up the differences automatically. Or you could re-do one or two challenges with the new regional setting to ease into it.
But the reality of the matter is that when you speak to people, you will come into contact with different sayings and vocabulary anyway, so having exposed yourself two both versions can actually be a good thing.
Pob lwc, a dal ati!