Swiftkey now supports Breton

For any Android users out there, the keyboard Swiftkey 6.0 now supports the Breton language.


I wasn’t sure where to post this, becuase Breton isn’t on the language list, but I think it links to this thread from last year.

This is a good Breton-English on-line dictionary.


login and it gives a Welsh to Breton dictionary or Welsh to just about anything else, been playing - a bit addictive and now know the days of the week and how to count without even trying, but not sure which dialect.

dydd - deiz;
disul, dilun, dimeuzh, dimerc’her, diriaou, digwener, di sadorn
redek - rhedeg
kerzhet - cerdded
kleved - clywed

and this is a good news site for Breton issues and news:


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Almost identical in Cornish too! :smile:

deiz - dydd - dydh
days of the week: Dy’Sul, Dy’Lun, Dy’Meurth, Dy’Mergher, Dy’Yow, Dy’Gwener, Dy’Sadorn
redek - rhedeg - resek
kerzhet - cerdded - kerdhes
kleved - clywed - klywes

(That’s one of the main things that have helped to fill in gaps in revived Cornish where certain words weren’t recorded in any of the surviving texts, or else where there’s some doubt about a particular word — if it has cognates in both Welsh and Breton, it’s possible to work out linguistically what the Cornish equivalent most likely was.)


It’s great isn’t it. Where you said most likely, I would think almost certainly_Cornish can never be considered a language that died when It,'s close relatives carried on. It just went to sleep for a bit. We can be very confident of what Cornish is and should be and it just needs more Cornish people taking it back.


Aw, that’s a lovely way of putting it, meur ras bras (diolch yn fawr to you… one point where Cymraeg and Kernewek don’t overlap)! :smile: :sun_with_face: :blossom:

I can’t say I’m a Cornish person myself, but I’m an Australian with Cornish ancestry and I love joining in with all the Cornish language activities I can get to, whenever I’m in Cornwall… there’s a lot more going on in Kernewek than most people realise! :wink:


funny how the bras isn’t mutated in Cornish. bras in Breton becomes vras, just like mawr becomes fawr.

meur ras bras; trugarez vras; diolch yn fawr

Not surprising differences here - diolch in welsh is or maybe? a composite of di and golwch (according to GPC) and not sure the orignis of the cornish and Breton, but words like that will vary - much like cheers, ta very much, good on you etc.

“Bras” just means big or huge — it does mutate to “vras” after feminine nouns, but “meur ras” obviously isn’t one. Actually, the exact etymology of “meur ras” is something I don’t quite understand. “Meur” is great, “gras” is grace, but as adjectives normally come after nouns in Kernewek, I’d have expected it to be “gras meur”. But it isn’t. I’m sure there’s some explanation…

In all the Celtic language there are a handful of adjectives that come (or can come) before their nouns, usually for emphasis. I suppose.

In effect they act like a loosely attached prefix, e.g. ´kamm´ (crooked, wrong), ´kamm-dybyans´ (misunderstanding); ´kammgemmeryans’ (mistake);´hager´ (ugly, nasty), ´hager-awel´ (filthy weather, storm), ´hager ober´ (dirty deed, crime); ´kuv-kolonn´ (or golonn??!!) (sweetheart).

Most of the adjectives that do this mean things like ´good´, ´bad´, ´very´, ´right´, ´wrong´ and so on. In any case many of these combinations are probably best treated as compound words or idioms, and learnt as you meet them.

So ´meur-ras!´ or usually in speech just a quick ´m´ras´ = thanks.

I use Swift Key for Cornish and like it. Though I don’t really write very much Cornish at the moment. Since it’s from Microsoft, I suppose there is a tiny hope that they might develop a Cornish language pack for Office.

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To be honest, I didn’t know Fwift key is Microsoft’s. I always thought it’s kind of indy app though.

I went to research a bit and found out that it is developed by TouchType. The whole article is here.

So, sadly, I’m not sure how much hope it provides for Cornish Microsoft language pack to be developed.

They must have some sort of affiliation. The description of the app starts off with;

SwiftKey is the best swipe keyboard from Microsoft.

And I see they have an office inside Microsoft’s building in London. But yes, there’s not going to be an Office language pack.