Swapping sentences

need someone to practice 10 min sentence swap…any takers

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Hi Paul, would you still like to swap sentences?

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yes, nice to hear from you. when woulld be a good time for you Irina. The evenings maybe?

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I’ve just sent you a private message to figure out the best time.

would thursday evening be ok; about 7.30 p.m?

Thursday 7.30 pm works for me :slight_smile:
We just need to be sure about the time zones. You’re from the UK, right? Than 7.30 pm your time is fine.

Ok, Irina, be nice to get in touch. good night

Not sure how to create a new thread but I’m looking for somebody with whom I can swap Spanish sentences.
I’ve just started level 2 and I have nobody with whom I can practice some very basic stuff to begin with.
Please drop me a mail but please don’t expect anything great, I’m quite nervous about this but need to take the plunge or I’m not going to improve.
I’m based in the UK

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Hi John, I’ll drop you an email :slight_smile: