Swansea Area

Sut Mae.

I’m new to the forum and keen to meet Welsh learners in the Swansea area, particularly mumbles.

I’ve been attempting to learn Welsh for years. My daughter, who attends a Welsh speaking school, often reminds me that I faithfully promised her, when she was a toddler that I would become fluent in Welsh, she’s now 17!

A few years back I completed the mynediad course at Ty Tawe. This September I started the sylfaen course however, owing to the gap since completing the mynediad I decided not to continue. I must be honest I’ve never been a classroom type person and don’t enjoy 2 hours of struggling and looking stupid.

At the moment I am trying to study an hours Welsh a day, through a combination of SSIW and going back over the mynediad as I have the discs and course material. I intend to start the sylfaen in Sept 2017.

I have found SSIW superb, walking the dogs, out running, any opportunity i’m listening. Currently I’m coming to the end of course/level 1. I’ve gone over the units many times as once again I have left the learning gaps too long.

So basically, anyone from the Swansea area who fancies meeting up would be great. I’m trying to talk to my daughter in Welsh more often, for some reason I have a mental block about trying to converse in Welsh, which makes the whole process pointless!

All the best,

Dave Williams


Welcome to the forum, Dave! Well done for getting round to that promise…:wink:

@Deborah-SSi - one for the email? Also, plenty of other SSiWers in and around Swansea - @leaifee will be able to put you on the right tracks… :slight_smile:

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Yep lots of us here in Swansea.

Ty Tawe is a fab place for social use of Welsh as well - I’m going to the board game night this Friday for one! Erm, and manning the Siop Siarad coffee morning on the Saturday too. And maybe ending up in there to watch the game later that Saturday…

The YES Cymru rally in Castle square (also this Saturday) is organised by two SSIWers and I’ll be there too Periscoping it.

Say hi anytime!


Thanks for that.

Is there a weekly programme of activities at Ty Tawe? Or more once a month?

There’s siop siarad every Saturday which is a coffee morning in the upstairs Bar Bach a bunch of regular volunteer to man it/have the kettle on etc, great group.

Then the Bar Newydd downstairs is open every Friday night and there’s usually something on - rotates being informal singing in the bar (1st Friday), a folk sess (2nd Friday), and gigs or other stuff on the other two, gigs etc.

Worth getting on their mailing list

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Thanks for all this info

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Great to meet @neilrowlands & Pawb at Ty Tawe, Swansea, this morning. You are so welcoming and patient that my only regret is that I couldn’t have expressed my appreciation better in Y Gymreag.

PS, A visit to Llanelli is still on my to-do list, just struggling to get way from work in time on Monday nights.


Bilingual quiz in the Glamorgan tomorrow night if anyone wants more Swansea stuff :slight_smile:


Don’t worry if you can’t get to the Colliers Arms for 7pm, John. It’s all very informal, so you’d be welcome to arrive whenever you can.

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Siop Ty Tawe is very recommended for their Saturday meetup. Lara and I popped in about 4/5 weeks back when we were visiting family in Swansea - a good group of people there, and I would highly recommend it if you’re around.

We’re hoping to be back in Swansea very soon and be calling back!

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Just joined the SSIW app and currently on challenge 6 so looking for meet ups in Swansea/Mumbles to practise. Any help greatly appreciated!! Diolch

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Ty Tawe, Christina Street on Saturday mornings; not by SSiW, but we are always made welcome. Also Llanelli, Pontardawe and I think Ystradgynlais. See above /\ .

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Hi Marcus. Sorry about my short reply, late last night. Congratulations on your progress so far and welcome to the Forum. I live in Skewen and will be happy to help with any questions as will others on the forum. Your closest group is Ty Tawe but there are othets in the area also, who migjt add to this thread.
Also the Slack.com video groups ate really helpful. Thete are no entry requitements for these groups, and it id great just to attend and soak in some friendly welsh. Cheers. John.

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