Surprise on ABC TV Australia

I received a call from my neighbour Col, advising me that the ABC was broadcasting a program about Wales tonight. Here is the link, if you’re interested, there is a fair amount of Welsh spoken, there is a fair amount of politics, a bit about Wrecsam football club, and other good stuff.

Waking the Red Dragon


you brought back memories of this gem

I’ve just had a go at watching this to make sure anyone from outside Australia can see it. I had to create an account, but it has an option for “Outside Australia” and then I went round in circles a bit, but by entering “Foreign Correspondent” in the search box, I found my way back to this programme and I can view it fine. Good find @louis !

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It seems to be on YouTube too now Waking the Red Dragon: Could the Welsh Break Up with Britain? | Foreign Correspondent - YouTube