Support Llandysul Swimming Pool!

This is potentially a base mis-use of the forum and the SSiW community, but it does support a Welsh speaking community, so let’s go for it!

My local charity-run swimming pool, Canolfan Dŵr Llandysul Aqua Centre is in the running for a prize in a competition worth £25,000. The first round depends on a public vote, and the Canolfan Dŵr is neck and neck with another charity, sometimes ahead and sometimes behind.

So, please could you vote for our pool so tat we can win the Welsh round (worth £1000), and go on to the all-Britain final?

There are two ways to vote, and you can vote on both of them once every 24 hours. Obviously the more times you vote, the more likely we are to win through.

Everyone can vote on - click on the Canolfan Dŵr picture and then on submit at the bottom of the page. You will then be taken to a thank you page which includes the results so far, hopefully showing Canolfan Dŵr Llandysul in the lead (we are as I wrote this).

Facebook users can also vote on using their Facebook log-in. We are behind by 10% on this poll at the moment.

The Canolfan Dŵr is about to take over the leisure centre which is attached to the pool (the council are pulling out of Llandysul entirely) subject to contract / agreements / being certain of our gameplan, so the £25,000 would be a huge boost to the charity at exactly the right moment.

As I am the treasurer of the charity, I am in the best position to tell you how much of a difference winning would make to everyon e- not just the pool, but to the whole community as well! So please vote for us in the competition, every day if you can, but as often as possible.

Diolch yn fawr!

We are


My guess is @Deborah-SSi is on this already?.. :sunny:

According to her FB activity she might be. :slight_smile:

I as non UK resident should add that really everyone can vote. There’s no geo-restriction or something like that no matter which way you vote and I’m gladly already taking this part for my daily action every single day. (I’ve remembered the previous @Iestyn’s charity activity (It was running to raise the money, wasn’t it?) and said “this is it, I have to vote!”.

Since that charity page you’ve opened in the time of your action, closed prety soon, @Iestyn, I wondered if there’s any other way to donate little something but to be honest I never went to check the web if I’d find something regarding this matter. I’m not rich and can’t give much but every penny counts I believe so if there’s any such possibility, I’d be glad to contribute that way too.

Now, vote, people. They still can win!

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I am learning Welsh through SSIW in Brighton and enjoying it but the reason for my interjection is that I am a specialist in swimming pools adn one of teh Counctry’s leading architects in the development of pools. Currently we have been working with St Davids community who suffered a similar fate and will now be rebuilding their pool for themselves. There are also ways of bringing management forward as the Council’s cannot afford to run these facilities.
Can I help?

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Done. pob lwc! Btw - you were in the lead when I just voted, by a few per cent. :smile:


Yes, when I voted it was like this too and I’m so hoping the lead holds till the end.

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I love the serendipity of SSiW! I’ve passed this on to Iestyn via email, so I’m sure he’ll be in touch when he gets a chance - diolch for reaching out, Mike! :sunny: :star2:

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Those who voted probably got this into your inboxes but anyway, just to remind you

“Our” cause is in the lead at the moment so every vote is important I believe so don’t forget to vote today.

Happy voting .


Wow - thanks everyone!

Mike - that is very interesting, and thought-provoking suggestion. I shall email you this week…

Tatjana - once again, your generosity knows no limits. I’m sure that I will be doing something again soon - there are a few fundraisers in the pipeline! There is a fundraising page here that you (and of course, anyone else) can go to to donate to the pool:, and all contributions are very much appreciated. Someone has just run the Edinburgh Marathon on our behalf (If you click “go” in the box marked “Sponsor a fundraiser who is raising money for this charity” it will take you to her page), and she has raised over £500 so far.

And as to the reminder - yes, 5 days to go! You can visit our Facebook page at for encouragement to vote (!) - there’s even a Rapsgaliwn meme for you to pass around - the thought of Slovenia based Welsh speakers passing Rapsgaliwn memes around their friends makes me smile for some reason!

Diolch to you all.


Thank you @Iestyn. I’m doing my best. :slight_smile:

Multiplied by the number of computers you use. E.g. home computer, work computer, phone, …

And by the FB acounts you use. :slight_smile:

Just to remind you that there are only 4 hours (and some minutes) until the deadline for voting on Britain’s got Spirit and this for Llandysul Swimming Pool with this.

The cause would need some extra boost as they are equal to the other “leading” campaign.

Sorry, I don’t try to “abuse” the forum but just remind you that the voting is going to an end and if you want to support the cause now’s the right time.

Diolch yn fawr iawn.

I’ve voted twice every day but I’ve run out of time! Do you know how to see the current status? I can only seem to get to the results page right after I’ve voted; I don’t know how to get there otherwise. When I voted this morning, Llandysul was every so slightly behind :frowning:

No, I don’t know either. When I voted on FB they were slightly behind and on the page they were equal to SLS. I just so hope they win at the end but the result is tight wherever you check after voting. It ends today and we’ll know soon if we succeeded or not … (oh, I say “we” so obviously I already adopted the cause for my own. :slight_smile: )


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SLS are currently .3% ahead - anyone who wants to vote should do so now, because it really could make all the difference.


I have been bothering Ng for the pool every day but now when I go there I am finding no button to vote. What else should I do.

The vote closed at midnight last night @lynne_freudigmann.

Thanks Margaret. Not long now. I’ll be leaving four weeks tomorrow. I’ll get in touch when I get there. I’m really looking forward to Bootcamp and Eisteddfod.

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How’s your Welsh going? :slight_smile: