Support aids

As i have gone furthr i have enjoyed the support of several online and apps so i thought id mention them. There may be small differences but by the time you complete level one they seem less significant. I use them to help with vocabulary and pronunciation. They help enormously with writing though i dont think you should worry too much about that at the beginning. As a teacher in primary its important for young children to attempt without fear. They learn to self correct. So the aids

Memrise app gives a choice of book courses that now appear in digitally enhanced format. Allows for south and north

Duolingo - good for snap tests and also digitally enhanced though no north south variants If you are competative they will appeal

Quizlet a different app that allows you to make your own flash cards. Will design tests using many methods allows sharing flash cards with other learners.

Take a look they are not everyones cup of tea. For instance in duolingo swedish you may ge the impression every child wants a pet turtle?


Can I add to your list please.

Also try the Borrow Box app particularly if you live in Wales. It give you access to borrow online books from your local library stock. It includes audiobooks too. A free source for accessing written and verbal Welsh.


And in Welsh, Owen is certainly fond of parsnips! Thanks for the suggestions @mike-richardson.

Thats so true? What is it with parsnips? Are they similar to mandrakes? In swedish every kid has a turtle?