Sunday Welsh group in Swansea finishing

It was lovely to meet Gavin again last Sunday in the Brunswick. There were four of us there by the end of the night, and I had a great time, hearing his tales of and enthusiasm for the Bootcamp he had just been to!
Unfortunately, it was the largest group we have had for quite a while.
The Sunday group just never seemed to take off- maybe as simple as it just being the wrong day of the week!
We’ve met some new people through it, and got a new regular for the Wednesday group, but now it has come time to knock it on the head, alas. So no group in the Brunswick on Sunday from now on.
Hopefully someone can take it off the calendar and that?

However, the Wednesday group in the Bay View is still going strong, so no worries there!

But thanks again to Gavin for making the very last meeting in the Brunswick an enjoyable one!

Hopefully someone can take it off the calendar and that?

I’ll email Dee…:smile:

I’ve taken it off the map (of meeting places) as well - but a question - is that still available here?

Ah - yes! I found it. Good!

Well, this is sad news… but understandable. There’s still a successful Wednesday group at the Bay View, which I will try to come to again next time I’m in Swansea. And it was good to catch up with Owain and Tricia again too.