Sul y Fam / Sul y Mamau / Mothering Sunday / Mother's day

This coming Sunday, we celebrate Sul y Fam / Mothering Sunday / Mother’s day. So I thought I’d share some Welsh vocabulary surrounding this special celebration.

  • Grandmother - Nain [nine] - northern

  • Grandmother - Mamgu [mam-gee] - southern

  • Aunt - Modryb [mod-rib]

  • Godmother - Mam Bedydd [mam bed-dith]

  • Celebrate - Dathlu [dath-lee]

  • Gift - Anrheg [anne-hreg]

  • Flowers - Blodau [blod-aye]

  • Bouquet - Tusw [tiss-soo]

  • Card - Cerdyn [ker-din]

  • Chocolates - Siocledi [shock-leddie]

  • Wine - Gwin [goo-een]

  • Lunch - Cinio [ kin-yo]

  • Dinner/Supper - Swper [sue-pear]

  • Surprise - Syrpreis [sir-praise]

  • Love - Cariad [kar-yad]

  • Hug - Cwtsh [kootch]

  • Kiss - Sws [soos - short ‘oo’ sound] is more northern

  • Kiss - Cusan [kiss-anne] is more southern and formal

  • Remember - Cofio [kov-yo]

  • Memory - Atgof [at-gov]

  • To miss - Methu [meth-thee]

And of course one that needs no explanation - Hiraeth [hear-eyeth]

Any other phrases or terms that you would like to know then please tell me and I’ll do my best to help!


I’r rhai sydd wedi mabwysiadu. - To those who have adopted.

I’r rhai sy’n aros ac yn dyheu. - To those who wait and yearn.

I’r rhai sydd wedi caru a cholli. - To those who have loved and lost.

I’r rhai sydd wedi dyheu ond wedi methu. - To those who have longed for but failed.

I’r rhai sydd wedi ein gadael. - To those who have left us.

I’r rhai sy’n magu plant i eraill. - To those raising the children of others.

I’r rhai sy’n fam i bawb. - To those who a mother to everyone.

I’r rhai sy’n maethu. - To those fostering.

I’r rhai sy’n gofalu. - To those who are carers.

I’r Neiniau. - To the Grandmothers.

I’r Modrybedd. - To the Aunts.

I’r Llysfamau. - To the Stepmothers.



I love this card and its inclusivity.

Though we all had mothers, not all of us had wonderful relationships with them; neither do we have lovely memories of them after they pass. But we can acknowledge that they were our mothers and try not to judge.

Though most women want to be mothers, some of us realize early on that it’s best for us and for everyone else if we aren’t. But it doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy other people’s children. I’m quite enamored of your two, and follow their doings with great interest. But I’m not the one responsible for all the amazing, motherly, and often difficult, sleep-depriving things that you do, and for that, my hat’s off to you (I suppose a case of virtual vino :wine_glass: won’t hurt, either :wink: )

Don’t mind me; it’s in the wee hours of the morning and I’m waxing philosophical. :slight_smile:


This is brilliant - and thought-provoking - diolch o galon @CatrinLliarJones :heart_decoration:


I’m reviving this old thread in the hope it will be of use to some of you, as it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday the 13th. :slight_smile:

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Sunday 14th @CatrinLliarJones. :slightly_smiling_face:

This Sunday, March 10th is Mother’s Day, so I’m once more reviving this thread, which has everything you need to help you celebrate this special day in Welsh. :heart:


As you’re a bit of my Welsh language mother (ignore the age reversal), I’m sending my appreciation and thanks via this, your, thread.

Alles Gute zum Muttertag!