Sul Seiber / Cyber Sunday

Dysgu Cymraeg Gwent is organising another day of learning Welsh across Zoom and it’s free to participate. It will take place on July 3rd, 9:30 to 3:30. The links to register are below. If you’re not sure what level you should attend, go for one a little higher than you think. Better to find you can learn lots from the others, than be in a session that isn’t stretching you at all :slight_smile:

Mynediad Rhan 1 (Entry 1)
Mynediad Rhan 2 (Entry 2)
Sylfaen Rhan 1 (Foundation 1)
Sylfaen Rhan 2 (Foundation 2)
Canolradd Rhan 1 (Intermediate 1)
Canolradd Rhan 2 (Intermediate 2)
Uwch 1 i (Advanced 1 i)
Uwch 1 ii (Advanced 1 ii)
Uwch 2 i (Advanced 2 i)
Uwch 2 ii (Advanced 2 ii)
Uwch 3 i (Advanced 3 i)
Uwch 3 ii (Advanced 3 ii)
Gloywi (Proficiency)

Any questions - contact

Geraint Wilson-Price


Dysgu Cymraeg Gwent

Learn Welsh Gwent


01495 333710

Geraint has let us know that they have 150 people enrolled in sessions on this Sunday, which is phenomenal, but they still have a few places if anyone is interested.

A great opportunity to use your Welsh with new people - using Zoom from wherever you are, and FREE!