Subscription To Keep or not to Keep?

I’ve completed Levels 1,2 and 3 and am now doing the old course, which I’ve downloaded. Can someone tell me whether cancelling my subscription would stop my access to Slack? I would join chat groups more but feel they are probably meant to be for new learners?

It wouldn’t stop access to the Slack WSP group - WSP is open to anyone, SSiW or not - but it would probably stop access to the 6/6 group which is specifically for people on the SSiW course.

The chat groups on WSP are for all levels, and even though there are always a number of newer learners, there’s still much to be gained from joining the chats - more experienced speakers can help enormously as long as they remember that patience with newer learners is key. Many new learners feel the chats are aimed at more accomplished speakers, but it’s important to have people at all levels in order to build confidence, which is primarily what WSP is for.


Thanks@siaronjames for your response. I don’t mind keeping my subscription going but feel I shouldn’t join the 6/6 chats as they are meant to be for early learners. I’ve been learning for 18m but definitely need more speaking practice. Are there specific groups on WSP I should aim for, do you think?

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Keep the subscription going if you areable. SSIW is a great help to mant learners and helps our language survive. Conrad


The regular group chats on WSP are generally arranged more on interests that abilities, so it depends more on what you like doing - just choose a topic you fancy, such as gardening, photography, etc.
There is also a general chat group usually on a Wednesday lunchtime which is run by @nia.llywelyn.

There are also ad-hoc chats from time to time when people just fancy a chat with or without a set topic, and you just need to keep an eye out for those. And of course it doesn’t have to be a group - you can have one-to-one chats with people too.

You could also consider joining chats off Slack for even more practice. @rich runs a regular one on weekends (see this thread The Saturday at Noon, Zoom!) for example.

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Thanks Siaron. I have seen some of those and could join the gardening one perhaps and recently saw an announcement about @nia.llywelyn Wednesday group. I will endeavour to join in with that. I speak to another 6 minuter on 6/6 as she asked me to help and we’ve become chat friends😊 Also met some people locally in Cardiff at St Fagan’s a couple of weeks ago and Nia was there.

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I don’t think the gardening Club is running at the moment due to work commitments @christine-parry @siaronjames Yes, I hold the Sgwrs Ganol Wythnos at 2pm every Wednesday.
Caz also runs a clwb ffotograffiaeth, if you look at @clwbffotograffiaeth but I don’t think anything else is running at the moment without people setting them up themselves :smile:

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Thanks @nia.llywelyn. For some reason I don’t keep my eye on WSP events and read only 6/6 so will keep a look out from now on😊

The 6/6 chats are certainly meant to include early learners but they are not exclusively so. Have you ever had a look at the 1-start-here channel, which gives an online sessions timetable for the week, and breaks the sessions down into 3 levels:

“The NEWYDD sessions are for early conversation practice, i.e. people on Level 1 only.

The Cymraeg sessions are for people on Level 2 but confident Level 1 learners, or Level 3 learners lacking confidence can join them.

The MAWRTH MWY sessions are for ‘new Welsh speakers’, i.e. those beyond Level 2, plus confident Level 2 speakers.”

If you’ve looked at the group-video-recordings channel on 6/6, you will be aware that some of the people on the advanced sessions are pretty competent speakers. Those sessions are there precisely for someone like yourself, who is now more advanced and wishes for some more challenging group speaking practice.

Others of us prefer 1-to-1 chats to the group format and tend to build up a range of chat partners instead – but if you’re happy with the group format at least give the more advanced sessions a try on 6/6 before cancelling your subscription.


Diolch AlanP. I am aware of all that information except pethaps the Cymraeg sessions, but thanks for taking the time to write it all. I have previously joined 6/6 groups but too few, hence though I’ve finished the levels (once) I’m not a confident speaker at all. I did try a Tuesday session but struggled and feel that isn’t fair on better speakers.
So perhaps I should try a Cymraeg session. I attended one of Nia’s sessions in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago and was surprised at how much I understood :blush:

I’m not rushing to cancel my subscription though as I realise it helps others too


I was lucky enough to qualify to still keep the earlier subscription rate. Happy to keep on paying that although I don’t use the forum much. Consider it a sort of micro-payment to help support the forum, SSi and all things Cymraeg. Have all the challenges on my phone but still want to keep membership.


Hello, yes I have all the challenges and related material and realise all the forums are valuable, so will keep it going