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Hello, I’m currently paying £2.95 per month from a few years ago when I first started using the SSiW lessons. I’d like to get back to learning again and pick up where I left off (I’d started course 3). Is it best if I cancel my existing standing order and set up a new subscription for £3.95 via the new website or if I increase my standing order to the current subscription amount? Many thanks, Siân.

@aran, @Iestyn, I know you’re both on holidays, but I’m still taging you as you’re in this matter the only ones here who could say a word on what to do.

Diolch. :slight_smile:


Shw mae, Sian?

Welcome back! It’s great that you’re back and ready to learn again. I think the best way for you to retart your subscription would be to cancel your current payment, and start up on the automatic system.

I shall contact you separately by email, because you seem to have been paying despite having no access to the premium content. I hope you see from the changes in the site and the course that your payments have been put to good use, but I’d like to discuss how we can make up for apparently not giving you the access that you should have had.


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Diolch both :slight_smile: I have access now. P.S. Iestyn - I have replied separately to your mail


I’m glas I could be of any help … :slight_smile:

Happy learning (re-learning) now!

Hwyl! :slight_smile:

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