Subscription Q


I’m about a month into SSIW (still rehearsing challenge two though!) and really love this method! I did wonder if there was an optional to subscribe annually or quarterly, rather than every month?

Any help appreciated!


It is easier to pay monthly because if for any reason you want to cancel, you won’t lose any money. If you pay annually in advance and decide to cancel, then you’ve lost whatever portion of your annual amount is left Hope that makes sense.

Hi, I know that thanks! But I prefer to pay for things annually when I know I’ll be using them. I just can’t find an option to pay anything than monthly here and wondered if there is one.

I don’t think there is that option, but I’ll tag @aran and @Iestyn who will be able to advise.

hello @caz-pindsvin, and thanks for your query. At the moment, we don’t have an option to pay quarterly or annually, so the monthly subscription is the only payment method available. Once you’ve set it up, it does work automatically, so you don’t need to remember to update it every month, and you also have the benefit as Rob said, that you can cancel any time. We don’t lock people into contracts where you have to give us a certain number of months or anything.

Hope that helps clarify for you. Cheers, Stine

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