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Hello everyone.

Thank you for your hard work on this wonderful resource.

I had already gone through the entire Welsh course once a few years ago, and I am thinking of picking it up again. I subscribed to the 6 minutes a day option last month, but I’m finding that I’m moving at a much faster pace at the moment, so I’d prefer to subscibe to the plain challenges, as opposed to the structured courses. However, all I’m seeing in the subscription page is a general premium $10/month (or $100/year) option. Is this the only available subscription at the moment, regardless of whether one does the structured courses or the challenges?

Diolch yn fawr iawn,

Yes, the subscription for both the supported course (6 mins a day) or the standard course (working through the challenges at your own pace) is the same.

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Thank you, Siaron!

I did enjoy Aran’s emails from the 6/6 course a lot, so I would love to keep receiving them, seeing as the structured course is included in the subscription anyway. Do you know if it would be possible to receive them at a more frequent rate to match the pace at which I go through the challenges a bit more closely?

I’m not sure it’s possible to get the emails more frequently but I’ll tag @Deborah-SSi for you, she’s best placed to answer that.

The Monday emails are set to an automated schedule, so they can’t be adjusted to go out more frequently. The only thing we can do is manually alter your position in the course every now and then. Some people who go faster choose to do that. They email and request to be moved forward in the emails to a certain Challenge. Then they used the ‘View Previous’ option on their course webpage to read back through the emails they’ve skipped over.


Thank you very much, Deborah. I will do just that, then! :relaxed:

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