Subscription not working

I subscribed to the service. It took the money from my bank account but when I go into it it says I need to subscribe this is premium content telling me I need to subscribe to the exact thing I have paid for. I contacted the admin on email and after 24 hours no response. Can anyone help me?

With a bootcamp happening next week, admin are extremely busy at the moment so the advice from the latest newsletter is to “have a little patience if you send a message through to Slack support, or post on the forum, or email Admin. You will be responded to, but it may take a little longer than usual.”
I’ll tag @Deborah-SSi here so that she can look into this as soon as she can, but as I said, she may not get back to you as quickly as she normally would.

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That’s grand thank you


Sorry about the delay in responding. I’ve passed your email over to the Tech Team to investigate Luke. The problem isn’t immediately obvious so they will need to look into it.

That’s ok I understand that ur busy. Thanks for your help how long will it take for them to get on touch

I can’t say, but I’ve flagged the matter up as urgent so hopefully fairly soon.