Subscription for SSiS

I introduced my son to the SSiS course today but was unable to say how much it costs. I would very much appreciate some help on this as he wants to get involved.

Hi Alun,

At the moment, the first five sessions are available for free, and then you need to subscribe (or pay per lesson) for £3.95 per month.


We’re very close indeed to publishing our new Spanish course, at which point two things will happen:

  1. it will be possible to get access to 20 of the 25 sessions by sharing it with other learners, and

  2. the subscription offer will be closing, and new learners will only be able to share or pay-per-course - to start with, if they share with 3 people per course, they’ll be able to get Course 1 for £50, and then Courses 2 and 3 (when they’re ready!) for £100 each.

Anyone who subscribes before then will have and keep full access - unfortunately, the subscription approach hasn’t worked for us with Spanish, but we’re not going to take that deal away from anyone who subscribes before the system changes.

I’m sorry it’s all a bit confusing - you’ve caught us right in the middle of trying to figure out how to market our Spanish stuff more successfully, I’m afraid!..:slight_smile:

So, if you’re currently subscribed to the Polyglot plan, what happens??

Thank you Aran for your reply. I was with my son this evening and found it very confusing to get started with setting up a subscription for Course 1 of SSiW. He ended up, after clicking merrily away, faced with the Tourist course and couldn’t progress without registering, which he did. From what he read he thought he would get the Tourist course for a one-off payment of £19, which he set up, only to receive an email acknowledging a first MONTHLY payment of £19, which he didn’t expect. But what he really wants is the same deal as I have on SSiW (minimum £3.95 per month) and that this should be for Course 1 of SSiS. This coincides with your statement in your first paragraph above. Our problem was that we could not arrive at that offer.

Please help us sort this out by indicating the steps to be taken to arrive at the £3.95 per month offer for SSiS on the new site.

Correction: In the second line of my post above it should read Course 1 of SSiS

Hi Alun,

Sorry, that sounds as though there’s a problem with the payment processing - I’ll email Ifan to get that sorted out today, we’ll refund the £19 also today, and we’ll set your son up with a permanent free subscription to say sorry for the confusion…:slight_smile:

So, if you’re currently subscribed to the Polyglot plan, what happens??

You get full access to everything we publish, always…:slight_smile:

Alun - Would you like your free subscription attached to this account you’re posting with, or does your son have a separate account?

I’ve emailed you, Ifan :slight_smile: