Subscription disappointment

Well, that’s a bit disappointing!

I subscribed earlier in the year (Feb), & did the first 6 lessons. Lesson 7 was a review of what we’d done so for which I had to do at wk6. Things then started to get busy work wise & wasn’t able really to carry on catching up…I noticed the emails kept coming each Monday & subscription leaving my account each month.
Easy I thought, I’ll catch up later.
Today, I have a look & note I a/ don’t have access to the email lessons & b/to my former account & the app.
Frustrating that the system isn’t a bit more flexible…I’ve paid, & I can’t use the service ‘at my leasure’…

I’m tagging @Deborah-SSi for you, as she may be able to advise on accessing emails, etc, but in the meantime, if your subscription is still active, you should be able to see all the challenges from a web browser even if not from the app (I can’t advise on apps because I’ve never used them). To do that, click on ‘Learn’ in the top bar, then choose Level 1 (and choose north or south) and you can see all the challenges there and do them anytime in your own time.

Diolch for the answer, the subscription is no longer active: I guess it stops automatically after 6 months with no activity.

Ah. I don’t know much about that side of things. Hopefully Deborah will see this soon and be able to help sort things out.

Hi Nick,
could you send me an email at please so I can check what’s happened? There is no automatic end to a subscription - it continues until the subscriber cancels it, but we had an issue with our payment service recently. There is some new security coming in early next year, but some banks decided to implement it early and the payment service wasn’t ready, not surprisingly!
That meant that some people’s payments got caught up in the problem and their banks declined the payments. Our IT people have got it sorted by changing payment service, but it does mean that some people have to restart their subscriptions. Possibly yours was one of those. Email notifications were sent out, but some seem to have gone into people’s spam folders, so they didn’t get them
I’m writing a long explanation here in case anyone else is in the same boat and checks this thread.

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Have emailed

Nothing has come through to Admin yet @nick-aahby. Can you double check the email address you sent to? Or if you want to just send me a Private Message here with your email address, I can look for you that way.

I’ve seen your email and responded now @nick-aahby :slight_smile: