Subscription cancelling consequences

Hi pawb, I’m thinking of cancelling/suspending my subscription because I am just not keeping up or using it fully. Is there any way of doing it and still get access to the lessons I have already paid for? I am way behind with listening to the material but might conceivably catch up at some point. Any info on this? I can’t see any possibilities on my account page except cancelling.

Hi Heather - if you’re using AutoMagic (which is what I recommend to everyone now) then cancelling your subscription will leave you without access (although in the future you’ll still have access to the first hour or so even if you cancel).

If you’re using the static files (which aren’t as customisable or effective as AutoMagic) then you could download the ones you’ve used before you cancel :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to jump on this. Will the automagic remember where you are if you cancel membership and later restart? I’ve been out of new material since April and am thinking of putting membership on hold until there is a bit more to learn.

By the way, the automagic way of learning is absolutely amazing, I really can’t believe how much I’ve learnt while using it.

@rhys-davies-3 I’ve checked with the Tech Team and they confirm that will be the case. When you restart the system will remember where you were, and you’ll start from there.