Submitting your Entries

The Submission Period for sending in your entries starts tomorrow! Here are the instructions from our Submissions Officer @dafyddyfelin:

Submitting your Entries to the Online Eisteddfod

As the Submissions Officer ( @dafyddyfelin) I have a special email account for you to send me your entries

Send them to

I will post them on the forum in the appropriate category once the closing date is past. You can’t post them directly to the forum yourself.

Entries will be accepted between the 4th and 15th November .

Technical bit: Text is best sent as an attachment to the email and it should be Word-compatible; visual material should be sent as a .jpg file or similar; sound or video should be uploaded by yourself to a third party site such as SoundCloud or YouTube and the link included in your email, but make sure there is nothing on the site that can identify you, use a ffugenw if need be.

Info needed : please indicate with your entry - this is very important!

  1. Which category you are entering
  2. Your forum name
  3. Your real name (not for publication - but please indicate if you’re happy for it to be published if you should be a winner!)
  4. Your chosen ffugenw (the name that will show against your entry for voting)

If you don’t give a ffugenw, one will be allocated to you. Please don’t use ffugenwau from previous Eisteddfodau - you may be rumbled!

We’ve had some amazing entries over the years and I’m sure this year will be no exception. We look forward to seeing them up on the forum!

If you have any questions about the submission process, post them here with @dafyddyfelin in the message and I will be along to reply.

Good luck!