Submitting your entries to the Online Eisteddfod

Here are the instructions on how to do it.

As the Submissions Officer ( @dafyddyfelin) I have a special email account for you to send me your entries

Send them to

I will post them on the forum in the appropriate category once the closing date is past. You can’t post them directly to the forum yourself.

Entries will be accepted between the 8th and 19th October 2018 .

Technical bit: Text is best sent as an attachment to the email; visual material should be sent as a .jpg file or similar; sound or video should be uploaded by yourself to a third party site such as SoundCloud or YouTube and the link included in your email, but make sure there is nothing on the site that can identify you, use a ffugenw if need be.

Info needed : please indicate with your entry - this is very important!

  1. Which category you are entering
  2. Your forum name
  3. Your real name (not for publication!)
  4. Your chosen ffugenw (the name that will show against your entry for voting)

If you don’t give a ffugenw, one will be allocated to you. Please don’t use ffugenwau from previous Eisteddfodau - you may be rumbled!

We’ve had some amazing entries over the years and I’m sure this year will be no exception. We look forward to seeing them up on the forum!

If you have any questions, post them here with @dafyddyfelin in the message and I will be along to reply.

Good luck!


The entries are rolling in! But entries close this coming Friday, 19th October so time is getting short.
(We actually set the deadline a little later at 5am the following morning UK time to allow our transatlantic colleagues a little more leeway)
I look forward to having plenty more entries before then.
Pob lwc


Yes, time to get those entries in everyone!

If you’ve started on something and having doubts, please do send it in. It’s bound to be better than you think as everyone is their own worst critic, and you will get nothing but positive support for making the effort to have a go.


Helo Pawb

The closing date has passed and we have a good crop of entries once again, one or two arriving in time only by the skin of their teeth (how does one say that in Welsh I wonder?) I have acknowledged all the entries as far as I know but if I have missed any please let me know via the address.

I’ll be posting them on the forum in the course of the next few days and then we’ll start the voting. You as the users get to choose the winners…

Many thanks to everyone for their hard work in contributing to our very own eisteddfod.


I’d most often hear ‘o drwch blewyn’… :slight_smile:

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We have a record crop of entries this year! Thanks to everyone who submitted. It’s taking me a little while to get them processed but they will appear on the forum very soon.


Exciting news! I’m looking forward to seeing (and hearing) the entries!

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Well, all the entries are finally up on the forum. At least I hope they are - if I have missed anything else, do let me know now.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed. We have a bumper crop of entries this year and there are some really excellent ones to read (or view). Very shortly I’ll start the voting for the lucky winners. It’s going to be a hard choice too in some of the categories.