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Ive been watching a few Welsh dramas on s4c, and understanding about 70 percent of them and then ive been watching them again with english subtitles on to see if ive probably understood the story. I just wonder if people think this is a good idea watching them again in english. Diolch

Yes, nothing wrong with that!
I think some, if not all, of them have subtitles in Welsh too, so if you can bear to watch the same thing x3, you could watch first without subs, then with Welsh subs, then finally with English subs. That way you get the audio, then a transcription, then a translation, just like the SSiW advanced listening exercises have (but S4C has added visual clues of course!)

I may be a bit immature but my favourite is ‘Y Dyfnfor’. It has no subtitles but there is an english version too on BBC. It helps with my learning ond i fod yn honest I would watch ir anyway!

And it sounds so much better in Cymraeg!

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Although I’ve been speaking Welsh for some years now and understood Welsh for years before that, my husband and I have found that we do need subtitles on Welsh dramas. Partly it’s that the dialect may vary from what we’re used to, or the actors might mumble or speak very quickly and we don’t quite catch what they’re saying and so literally lose the plot. As we’re watching for pleasure (and don’t want to watch things more than once), we now just use English subtitles to ensure we are understanding everything.

However, for the factual programmes like Codi Pac, Cynefin and series like Cymru ar Gynfas, we don’t need subtitles because the speech is clearer.

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Diolch siaron, that sounds a great idea. :blush::+1:

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Diolch margaret for taking the time to reply. I watch most dramas in welsh first and then I i watch them again with english subtitles. I find what I’ve missed is the little jokes the characters have with one another because I haven’t understood what they were saying. In Dall y Melt one of the characters says his mam’s favourite dish is ‘skin heads on toast’ (baked beans on toast) I roared with laughter when I watched it with the English subtitles but I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about when I heard him say this in Welsh. It’s these types of things I miss.:blush:

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I quite often watch programmes about 4 times, first without subtitles, then with Welsh subtitles then English subtitles then again without subtitles, but instead of watching a whole show I’ll break it down into managable chunks and watch it from break to break, so say for example I’m watching Cynefin, I’ll watch the first part up untill the adverts on a Monday evening, then 2nd part of show on Tuesday and so on, I find I can take more in that way