Stu's Online Bootcamp

Signed up to try out the new Online Bootcamp. As I have finished all three courses and the new level 1, doing a new session per day will not be possible, so I will need to get creative with lessons I have not touched for a long while. However, this part of the online bootcamp sounds intriguing:

Rule #2 - you DO the challenges! I promise not to set silly challenges, like ‘Send Aran a new car or a ticket to the Maldives’ - but the challenges I do set will test and stretch you. Not just for my entertainment - but to change your relationship with Welsh. They make take a little innovation, sometimes - but DON’T make excuses. Just get them done…:slight_smile:

So I’m looking forwards to seeing what they entail!


Looking forward to seeing how yours goes - keep us posted :slight_smile:

Eek - I’m a bit worried that you’re doing this without any new material - I’d have suggested you wait until there was some new stuff for you to - but it’ll be interesting to hear what you make of it. Maybe you could make your five sessions the last session of each Course? So you do Lesson 25 of Course 1, Course 2, Course 3 and Level 1, and then maybe the last vocab lesson for Course 2?

That was my plan Aran :slight_smile: