Stuck level 2 challenge 10

I have got to lesson 10 (level 2) and I have listened to the first half of the lesson. However I cannot repeat much of it; say less than 10% - my question is; should I just continue to plough on through it?

I get very stuck still trying to say a tiny bit of the last sentence, so much so that I miss the next sentence!

What should I do? This doesn’t feel good :frowning:

There could be several different things happening here - you might just need to carry on past it, and revisit it to see if it feels different once you’ve gone 5 or 10 sessions down the road - or you might need to take a few days off and then give it one more shot…

But one thing to be careful about - if your definition of ‘less than 10%’ correct includes all the long phrases where you can’t quite get the end, then give yourself a break - if you’re very mathematical, count any long phrase where you get the first half right as a win!

And, even more importantly - once you lose the race with Catrin (it’s fine for you to talk over her, but once she says the bits you can’t get out) let that phrase go - listen carefully to me (and perhaps shadow what I say - repeat it as a quick little echo) and then have your focus ready for the next English phrase.

No individual phrase is vital - it’s all about the overall pattern - so you’ll be far, far better off taking the hits and getting your focus ready for the next prompt than getting properly stuck on an individual phrase… :sunny:

Oh I count anything I get correct as a win :wink:

I have always been happy with half a sentence, I figured the rest comes with time and practice!

When I say less than 10% - I mean of words not just the number of sentences. Right from the start of lesson 10 I went blank and couldn’t recall anything - no words (let alone sentences!). Most I either couldn’t remember, got wrong or at the very best, I said in the wrong tense!

I have never been this bad before, always at least got the verb or tense correct, always something to make me think I’d get it eventually but this is new, I have nothing not even little bits of words/sentences to hang onto…

…maybe I need a break or maybe (I know I shouldn’t say this) I need to go back a few lessons!!!


Apart from the fact that ‘wrong tense’ isn’t something to worry about, that sounds mostly like overload (the brain can decide to have an off-day for plenty of different reasons!).

I’d give yourself a few days, and then have another run at 10 and see how it plays out… :sunny:

Gave myself a few days off as suggested…

Did challenges 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 today! Now my head really, really hurts and there are bits I can’t even pronounce yet but I am pushing through them regardless!

After a break it doesn’t seem to matter so much that I can’t remember most of it!

I do wonder what is going on in my head because I get a strange enjoyment now from getting them all wrong and carrying on anyway :smiling_imp:

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Wow! Now that’s a serious win…:sunny:

And if you have the rare ability to be relaxed about the stuff that drives most people up the wall, you are very well placed to do some amazing things. :thumbsup:

Keep at it, and keep letting us know how you’re doing, and you’re going to get there - wherever you need ‘there’ to be :sunny:

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Big jump/gap between challenge 9 and 10. Not a gap but a chasm… Only way to build a bridge is to go back…no shame in that I suppose.

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Yes 10 seems particularly difficult and because I had just done several other lessons as well, I think it was all just too much for my poor brain to cope with :grin:

I left it alone for a few days and then just carried on but I did notice that because lesson 10 just hadn’t gone in at all - I had big chunks missing for the next few lessons.

It’s interesting that you call it a ‘bridge’ because that really does seem to be how it works. Really struck a chord for me…

It seems that if I struggle with the bits where Aran is actually “teaching” a new bit; then I just can’t seem to recall it at all later on, not even the first letter or a sound; just nothing!

I HAVE to go back, just back to the “teaching” bit and make sure that I can do that section because it starts to affect the later lessons.

It’s almost, as you say, the bridge hasn’t been built and so I have to go the long way round, eventually this is too difficult and I can only cope with one or two missing bridges or it becomes too tiring!

The list of vocabulary for each challenge is very useful for building specific bridges, as I can find which phrases/words I am missing quite easily.

I have to say there are probably only 2 or 3 phrases I have really struggled with getting to go in at all and I’m now at lesson 15 - so I don’t go back very much but it has been necessary a couple of times!

I am also only talking about completely drawing a blank repeatedly over a period of time and not phrases in the wrong tenses etc - so totally no bridge at all!

It is intresting to notice how some phrases my brain just doesn’t seem to like and how some bridges are more difficult to build :grin:

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It sounds as though you’ve got a very steady approach working well for you there. It would be interesting to see what would happen if you struggled with a new item, and then carried on for several lessons without revisiting the original presentation - I’ve experienced ‘didn’t get it at all’ with new material that has then later on become ‘clear’ because it’s been revisited often enough - the brain clearly can (or perhaps always does) learn words partially, in a gradual process of accretion…

But if you’ve got a set approach of going back occasionally just to the new item, there’s no need to fix what ain’t broken - keep on doing what you’re doing, because it’s clearly working… :sunny:

Oh I do wait - at least 5 lessons!

Then I really know which things I am totally missing and make sure they are not just things I find difficult to remember.

Like I say it’s only happened 2 or 3 times over both level 1 and up to lesson 15 level 2, so not much…so far :smiley:

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I have moved on to level 11 with a sort of ’ to heck with it’ kind of attitude. Already enjoying things again!

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That’s the magic sauce right there… :sunny:

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