Stuck at the end of Course 1

Shwmae pawb. So I’ve done all the lessons and vocab units of the old course 1 and I thought I did OK, despite finding vocab 10 a real struggle and not being able to say about half of the sentences before Cat. My brain has been really slow to come up with the answers and I don’t feel very confident about moving on to course 2.

Part of me wants to push on anyway and start Course 2, firstly because I’ve read enough on here to know that it’s best to not stay stuck on any lesson and to just move on and revisit it in time, at which point it’s likely to be a lot easier, and partly because I’m quite excited at the thought of learning new things (can’t wait to get to grips with pronouns!). Another part of me thinks I should keep practising the bits I’m weak on until I’m more confident (which is basically all the vocab units, although I’ve done them all twice now and some three times).

Basically, I don’t want to jump into Course 2 and find that I’m struggling because of not taking enough time to practice weak stuff from Course 1 as I’ll just lose confidence and feel glum, and as I’m in (or hopefully coming to the end of) another enforced break from learning I could really do without that.

I did think about doing the new Course 1, but from what I read here it’s more challenging and as I’m not firing on all cylinders I’d rather go for the gentler (if slower) older course. But I’m open to persuasion on that :slight_smile:

Is it worth going over all the vocab units again until I can hit that 80% of sentences said before Cat does?


Hi Carole

The new course 1 isn’t difficult, especialy if you’ve already done course 1 and vocab. It’s kind of half familiar and half new. It could be an something to do while trying to decide what next.

You should be able to do Course 2 even if you’re shaky on the vocab. It is more difficult than course 1, mind (at least that’s what I found.) I was planning to alternate between new course 1 and course 2, but I finished the new course 1 rather quickly. But I think it’s given me the break I needed from course 2 (whilst still allowing me to learn Welsh). So maybe try that?


Part of me wants to push on anyway and start Course 2

Listen to this part of you…:smile: (Or try Level 1, which is not much harder, it just uses slightly longer phrases from the first lesson, but you’re more than familiar with that by the end of Course 1).

And then revisit Vocab 10 and Lessons 24 and 25 of Course 1 once a month - for a single run-through. You’ll be surprised how well they’ll stick…:smile:

Hello Carole
I’m at the same spot as you are. Thought I was doing pretty well, but lessons 24 and 25 and vocab 10 didn’t go down very well. I did do level 1 up until challenge 9 (doing the southern course) and I thought it was really refreshing. Longer sentences, but somehow that doesn’t matter :slight_smile: Doing them certainly put a smile on my face, so if you want a confidence boost, I’d certainly try them.

Now, I’m going back to revise the vocabs for a second time and do as Aran says…

Hi Carole

I would go for whichever combination you think you’ll most enjoy! When I finished Course 1, I did six of the Vocab units and then started Course 2, because I couldn’t wait. Then a few weeks before I went to bootcamp recently, I went over all the Vocab units a number of times and did the first four lessons of the new course in one day (great fun - new vocab, different extra ways of saying things you already know and long seemingly complicated sentences, but simply built up).

I think it depends what kind of approach you personally like to take. I like starting new things - even with my knitting;-). I’ve recently ‘finished’ knitting a jumper but I hate sewing the parts together, so I have just sewn the shoulders together and done the neck and started on my next project - cushion covers - in the knowledge that I will return to the jumper refreshed shortly. As long as you’re moving forward and enjoying it, it doesn’t matter.

Thanks all, when I feel up to restarting learning I am now leaning towards the new course.

Helen, I hate finishing off projects too! Starting a new one is so much more fun than sewing seams together.