Stuck again

So. Stuck in a bit of a rut. Worked through whole levels thing but still not confident. And it is all about my confidence. Thinking of “upgrading “ to 6 minutes or 6 months course. Any advice? I think I need structure!

Mmm… ‘whole levels’ = up to the end of Level 3? If so, all you need is the Welsh Speaking Practice group: :slight_smile:


I know where you’re coming from, it’s a scary prospect to step outside of the lessons and get talking to people, but Aran is right (surprise surprise :joy:)
I’ve had one chat in WSP and I plan to have more before long. Instead of structure I think you need accountability, set yourself a daily goal and then tell people about it. Then the “fear of failure” shifts from entering conversations to not being able to tell those people about the conversations. I’ve been doing this for the last 3 weeks and it’s really boosted my confidence. Give it a go :blush:

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Yes.... I have tried the slack thing but’s too easy to not do it. If you see what I mean. Though on holiday in Wales right now and used Welsh in cafe!

How about announcing where you are in Wales, to see who’s around for a chat?


So. I understand all of the above comments, but has anyone gone from level 3 on the app to the 6min or 6 month course?

I’ve gone from level 3 on the app back to the beginning of level three as part of my 28 day daily Challenge to do something intentional in Welsh everyday. That helped at the beginning. The biggest thing that helped was telling everyone else about it I have a massive advantage finding people to talk to, but that’s not what made me speak Welsh everyday. It was the need to tell people on here.
The reason repeating this advice is that I know you have enough tools. You dont need to go back over the same material for long. You just need to find conversations now!
Challenges are our comfort zone. We don’t really need to work as hard during them, especially not if you’ve reached the end of level 3, as we do in conversations.
The other structure I’ve used is listening to the Advanced content in an intentional way. The way Aran suggests. Listen - then read the Welsh -listen - read the English - listen. It’s really helped my vocab as well as giving me a target.