Struggling with level 3

Usually I can get through a few lessons a week but I can’t seem to get through two! With one do over. I’m finding that I’m forgetting the word I was taught a few minutes ago. The format is different from the other levels. I also can’t seem to remember the so/Sa I don’t etc (probably wrote that wrong) I’m continuing through hoping something will stick but it’s not going well atm.

Hi @jen I found L3 a bit different at first, and a bit more challenging… but fear not, I survived and so will you! :slight_smile: From posts I’ve seen quite a few people, including myself, felt that it wasn’t going in and also felt that maybe it would be good to revisit some of the lessons… I thought I might need to, but I haven’t, because whatever didn’t go in or I didn’t feel confident about hasn’t really mattered, at all, and we are all speaking Welsh!! Hwre! :slight_smile: Remember, the challenges are only part of your learning. I recommend starting a shift of focus to hangouts as soon as you can and you’ll then appreciate that you really are a Welsh speaker, despite how the L3 challenges make you feel! Its where most of my learning takes place now - you have to think of what you need to say that’s relevant to you, and how to say it and, of course, there are people there to help! :slight_smile:


Remember level 3 is a bit different to what came before @jen - and early on, it’s partly adjusting to the differences. Like @Cetra said, I think that’s been true for most of us. So the early lessons can seem more !!! Hang in there, you can do this, it will come.
Happy to chat via Slack…


As others have said - don’t panic!

You are already a Welsh speaker - there’s enough stuff in level 1 and 2 to get you speaking about an amazing range of topics. So level 3 is adding to that, One of the problems with flexibility - having more than one way of saying things - is that it gives you more choices in your answers, which makes it more difficult sometmes. That’s probably why so ti / sa;i etc is catching you out. So if you make the ‘wrong’ choice, it feels like you’re not doing it right. But actually, you’r speaking your own Welsh, not mine, which means you’re a real Welsh speaker.

As @Cetra says, find some opportunities to speak to people, and you’ll find a lot of the things you can’t remember / can;t control are either things you’ll never use (If you’re not interested in them, you’ll find them difficult to remember) or that will fall into place as you get a better context for them.

The style of the lessons has changed slightly between level 2 and 3, and the intensity has ramped up a bit as well, but the method is exactly the same, so you wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t do this! Relax and keep working through.

You’ve got this!