Struggling a lot


At what was week 14, I somehow got muddled up and realised I should be on challenge 14 but I was actually on challenge 9…go figure…I think the app confused me.
Dim problem, i thought, i’ll just carry on with challenge 10 etc…

Somehow I can’t nail challenge 10. I keep having to repeat it and nothing sticks. In fact I feel like I’ve missed something bc there are words that I can’t recognise from before and try as I might, they just won’t stick. I think I can do about 60% of challenge 10.

Added to this is the fact that I hadn’t realised I should have done daily phrases beyond the week in which they were introduced.

And (yep, there’s more), I couldn’t get Soundcloud to work at all.

I’m a bit despondent tbh :frowning:
Although i’m proud to report that I spoke in Welsh to the checkout person, not much but better than nothing.


I think you’re perhaps being a bit tough on yourself. Making it to challenge 10 and talking to someone in Welsh in the wild is no mean feat, it sounds like you’re doing well. I think we all find some weeks tougher than others so if you’ve repeatedly tried challenge 10, it might be worth trying challenge 11 as everything you learn gets consolidated in subsequent lessons - I’m sure someone from admin/other users can provide more advice on this/if this isn’t the best approach.

As for the weekly challenges I must admit I’ve have lapsed on them and plan to go back and complete them all, maybe pick up where you left off? Sounds like a new easier recording tool is on its way too.

Think of the positives you’ve achieved rather than where you think you’ve wanted to do better, you’re well on your way!


Definitely move on, I’d say. So you spoke real Welsh and got 60% of Challenge 10, after throwing yourself by having a go at that killer 14, which should be a good few weeks away yet and even then it will still be a killer. Wow. Well done, you are bang on track. Challenge 11 here we come! you’ll see that ir revises challenge 10 anyway :slight_smile: Check out with your tutor about Soundcloud. I think there is now a more friendly alternative that has been designed especially for SSiW users.

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Thank you Charlie, i’ll move on and keep trying

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Thanks John. Week 14 sounds formidable !!

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same in halfway thourgh challange 2 and sone doesnt stick the english sentense are so long to translate that i cant rember all of what the mans saying and i miss and words and im getting over half of challage 2 worng.