Structured course or Monthly Subscription?

I’m trying to decide whether to do the ‘6 Month Welsh Speaker’ course, or sign up for a monthly subscription. Obviously the 6 Month course has a lot of added support, but the monthly subscription would allow me to go at my own pace.
My questions are:
Does the 6 Month course use the same lessons as the Challenges on the website, or something different?
Can you listen ahead in the 6 month course or is the material released weekly?
Do you get access to all the Challenges, Levels and Courses if you sign up to the 6 month course?
My son has recently moved to Cardiff and I’ve decided that learning Welsh would be a good project for a time of Corona Virus!


Whichever you decide, welcome to the SSiW community Sheila!

I’ve copied this response from @Deborah-SSi 's post in another thread but taken out bits that weren’t relevant to your question -

The 6 Months course is based on Levels 1 & 2 - so 50 lessons in total. With that you get weekly emails with additional tasks to extend your Welsh, and the opportunity to join in online group sessions at various times Mon-Fri, and a lively community Slack forum where you can arrange 1 to 1 chats with other learners and talk about the challenges as you move through them.

As you move the course you’ll be able to download the challenges as mp3 files, so you’ll have them to keep when you get to the end.

Yes, it is possible to move faster through the course by emailing admin and asking to be moved ahead. On the other hand, if you take out a Standard subscription, you don’t get the weekly additional tasks and specific online support, but if you’re self-motivated you can go as fast as you like, through all the levels, the Advanced Content and the old course material (which still has some useful stuff in it), and you can join the open Welsh Speaking Practice online Slack group to join in group sessions and chat with others there.

I hope that gives you all the information you need, but if there’s anything else you’re not sure of, do ask - help is always available on this forum!


Thank you - that’s really helpful. I’ll carry on doing the free lessons, then I think I’ll sign up for the monthly subscription. I’m hoping my son who’s now in Cardiff will join me in SSiW during his corona lay-off from work!


I hope to see you perhaps on Welsh Speaking Practice, even so!