Structured course or Challenges

Hi, I’m after a bit of advice please, I’m doing the challenges on level one and I’m up to challenge 6, enjoying learning, the advice I’m after is, as you know the first 15 challenges are free, when I get up to challenge 16 and subscribe would I be better off carrying on with the challenges or subscribe to the structured course, many thanks


Well much depends on the pace you want to go at. The structured courses follow the same lessons (levels 1 & 2) as the standard subscription which, as you know, kicks in after 15 challenges. The difference is that the structured courses are a bit more intense time-wise and have extra tasks to complete and also more structured support.

Different paths suit different people of course, but whichever way you go, there’ll always be support and encouragement here on the forum.


Thats brilliant, thank you for replying, Ive got a few more lessons to go before making my mind up, I do like the idea of video help and the speaking practices, also I do have the time for the lessons, thank you


I did the free challanges before subscribing. Then I regretted doing it that way and wished I had subscribed from the start because I enjoyed the extra tasks so much. I ended up going back to week one to catch up on them. I could have avoided going back by subscribing from the start. :slight_smile:

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Ah right, I didn’t realise there was tasks too, I thought you only had access to all the challenges, thank you for your advice

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Besides what’s been already said, I would add a suggestion, from my own experience.

think of any course, studies or project you’ve been involved with, and ask yourself:

(1) Are you good and more efficient at following a steady pace, and enjoy getting specific tasks and exercises and homework from teachers?
Are you a bit at loss and lacking self-discipline when you have to make your own schedule, and plan steps towards a goal?
Then structured courses are probably the best choice for you.

(2) Do you prefer to do things your own way, tend to get annoyed when people tell you how/what/when to do things?
Are you able to motivate yourself enough to reach your goals?
And/or do you naturally prefer to work/study alternating short periods of time of very intensive activity and full rest, rather than “a little bit every day”?
Then, the non-structured challenges are probably the best choice for you.

I hope this helps!
p.s. I’m type two, so I did fine with basic subscription and challenges. :grin:


Well - to add to the excellently expressed and insightful contributions from @Cetra and @gisella-albertini - I would say that I am at a midpoint between the two sorts of people described.

I found sticking to a slower pace than I liked to meet the emailed deadline to tick each challenge off rather frustrating, and the tasks set have sometimes replicated or cut across tasks/ goals I had already set myself and if they took away my sense of agency. Never mind, I found the structured course useful, even if sometimes to save my sanity I have had to suspend it. After 6mws I left it over a year to allow absorption and integration before taking up the Deep End - i.e. Level 3. Many of the tasks actually involve a challenge to my assumptions about myself and what sort of actions I might want to take, what technology I can cope with. With the 6 month or 6 minute courses comes access to the in my case very helpful Slack workspace and the hangouts and direct messaging accessed from there which have been invaluable. Slowly, slowly I’m making more use of the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack which has a wealth of opportunities for fun and interaction with Welsh Speakers of all sorts.

Without the structured courses I doubt I’d be keeping the pace up, and even with pauses, and judicious selection of when and how to fulfil the spirit if not the letter of the tasks, I am immensely grateful to those who put work in to design and refine the structured courses. They have been the source of a huge confidence boost in my life generally, and gateway to absolutely invaluable friendships & connections!

Whatever you choose @stephen-22 good luck with decision making and all your Welsh learning(s)! Pob lwc! Dal ati!


Thank you for you reply, looking at what you’ve said, I like to do things at a more relaxed pace, so I’m probably type two also, many thanks again for your reply


Many thanks for your help, I’ve still got a few challenges to keep me busy, I do like the idea of a slower pace but I do think i’de enjoy the challenge of doing tasks, the structured course does sound a bit more intense and I believe there is a lot of help, many thanks for your reply and for your valuable advice

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