Structure of the course

Hello, I have just started here (3 days) and am enjoying the atmosphere!
I can see from the forum that there is a structure of levels and challenges, but where can I find information about how this works? I can see that there is an option to subscribe for £10 a month but I don’t know what that covers, and I can’t see how to sign up for a course beyond the single sentence work I am currently doing. If I have missed something obvious I apologise.
Having completed the Duolingo course yesterday after 18 months I am keen to spend a good amount of time on my speaking and listening skills, which are clearly far behind my reading and writing ones, and to become much more confident and grow my vocabulary. I suspect I am in the right place here but I really need some guidance on what to expect and how best to use the 30-40 mins per day that I am used to devoting to Welsh. Thanks!
P.S. have just installed the app which is clearly the answer to some of this, but that has confused me further - should I be doing the sentences first and then the Level 1 stuff on the app? And when does the payment cut in?

Hello Mandy, croeso!

You’ll probably get more info when you reach the end of the one-sentence introduction set, but this should give you a heads-up.

There are basically two options when you subscribe. You can subscribe to the structured 6 month course or you can go for a standard subscription and go through the levels yourself without the structured support -

The 6 Months course is based on Levels 1 & 2 - so 50 lessons in total. With that you get weekly emails with additional tasks to extend your Welsh, and the opportunity to join in online group sessions at various times Mon-Fri, and a lively community Slack forum where you can arrange 1 to 1 chats with other learners and talk about the challenges as you move through them.

On the other hand, if you take out a Standard subscription, you don’t get the weekly additional tasks and specific online support, but if you’re self-motivated you can go as fast as you like, through all the levels, the Advanced Content and the old course material (which still has some useful stuff in it), and you can join the open Welsh Speaking Practice online Slack group to join in group sessions and chat with others there.

Both of those are available for £10 a month, but there is also an option to pay more and get some extras on top. Here’s the link if you haven’t already seen it.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Diolch fawr Siaron, that is exactly what I wanted! I will look into it now.

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Just a little more information to add to what @siaronjames has posted - as well as the 6 Months course, we also have the 6 Minutes a Day version. A lot of people found they couldn’t dedicate the amount of time required to do Levels 1 and 2 in 6 months, so we now offer an alternative over 12 months. It’s the same material, but a little more time to do it. If you do a small amount every day it works out at 6 minutes, hence the name.

That is now our more popular course, so it’s what you are offered first, but the 6 Months version is still available for those who prefer a more intense learning experience. You would just need to take out the standard £10 a month subscription, then email and ask to do that version.


Diolch Deborah!

hello Mandy. i started with SSIW 5 months ago. You can go as fast as you like. I’ve finished all of the new course. Make sure you also do the old course especially level 3. I’m on challenge 17 of level 3 old course now. The courses are different. I certainly feel I’ve broken the back of learning the basics now. I also met another learner through SSIW and we phone via Whatsapp twice a week. it definitely helps with sentence construction to chat with someone else. Listening to radio Cymru is good to. It’s such a nice feeling when you understand more and more. I can’t recommend SSIW enough. I have wanted to learn Welsh for years. I’ve still got stacks to learn but defo feel I can chat in Cymraeg when I next holiday in Cymru.


I also have wanted to learn for probably 50 years having spent many holidays in and around Harlech and having learned a bit from a Welsh speaking aunt.
I have reached the end of Challenge 2, I think I am speeding up a bit now.
A few points that may help others.
The Android app doesn’t have the vocab lists, thus I spent ages trying to track down mae eisiau i fi before finding it on the website equivalent.
I took a while to find the setting that stops the screen switching off-essential for the all-powerful pause button (otherwise, permanent panic induced silence).
I can’t remember the English but I now gather this is normal, which helps.
I really struggled with I want and I need because Duolingo teaches dw i eisiau and dw i angen, thus I got really confused almost immediately, OK now (though feel I may get confused again when I attend a Learn Welsh Gwent online day in 10 days’ time).
Really enjoying it though goodness it is hard work compared with most of Duolingo.

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Learn Welsh Swansea seemed quite happy with dw i’n moyn or dw i eisiau. The tutor even put in a good word for joio although the course officially used mwynhau.

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Thanks Sue! That’s great. I have been on two Mynediad 1 and one Mynediad 2 days so far, this will be Mynediad 2 again, they are free and much recommended. Mynediad 2 is much more worthwhile because the instructor sticks to Welsh (and doesn’t mind constant requests for translation).

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