Stormy challenges 13 and 14 level one

What happened? I was just gently sailing from challenge one towards twelve, steering nicely and enjoying myself when suddenly the weather went from bad t worse. The longest sentences were the waves that tried to swallow me. Will the storm soon lay down again?


Many other people wonder what hit them when they get there. However, no one has drowned during the storm. Please don’t get disheartened. It’ll be OK.


I remember those two challenges! It felt like going from a gentle drift on the Mediterranean to rounding Cape Horn! Stick with it as the following challenges don’t continue to get worse. I think I did spend a bit more time on 13, 14 but then did what we are advised to do - just push on.
Happy sailing :sailboat:


Mae pedair berf i un frawddeg ! Warra Teg !

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