Still with you 2

Something happened whilst typing the topic so I will try again.
I am still with you and beavering away learning. Celebrated my 76 th birthday on April 1st. .with the family via whatsapp, amazing app.
We are keeping well during the lockdown, gardening and visiting my allotment.
Turned my shed into a mini gym as my local one has closed due to the virus.
Had a barbie on my birthday hoe the photo is attached.
Keep safe
Bob Brewster


Glad to hear it Bob! far have you got now?

Photo looks great - good weather of course.

The shed sounds interesting - have you removed star jumps from your workout - or is it a big shed?! :slight_smile:

Penblwyth hapus!

Rich :slight_smile:


Great to hear from you, Bob :grinning: I still have fond memories of our pioneer week together at the very first bootcamp a decade ago and more recently at the 7th anniversary in Lland’od.

You are almost exactly one year older than me, but a lot wiser, I’m sure :laughing:
Cadw’n saff


Well, I see it was two weeks ago today but Penblwydd Hapus and many more to come!

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Penblwydd hapus hwyr i ti, Bob!