Stay weekly or move on?

Question for Aran or Dee please.
I’d like to know if I feel I’m progressing well, should I move on to the next challenge, or should I still wait until the next challenge comes out on Monday.

Hi Rob, I think it’s going to be easier for them no notice your question addressed to them, if you do like this: @aran or @Deborah-SSi.

You may say: what’s the difference? If you pay attention, the names I wrote here have a light grey background, and a @ symbol before.

Why would you want to do do that? This is going to send a notification straight to the person - so it’s easier for them to notice the post in the forum.

Well, you can do that by typing the symbol @ before starting to write the name, then type the first letter(s) and you’ll see the list of user names appearing. When you see the one you want to “call” you press enter or tap on it and it will appear like this in the post.

My explanation is probably not clear enough, but I’ve already “called” them for this thread, and you might at least be able to see the notification if I do this too! @RobMorgan.


Helo Rob,

That’s great to hear that you’re progressing so well and ready to move on to the next challenge. Any time you’d like to do that, just send an email through to and ask to be moved onto the following week in the course. We’re happy to do that for you :slight_smile:


Thanks Dee. That’s useful to know.

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Hi @Deborah-SSi

I am also moving quickly through the challenges, I have moved on as I have the app so have gotten to challenge 9 although officially I should be on challenge 5. I have been doing the tasks when they come through each week but as I have some welsh already I’m not finding it supper difficult.

Thanks Hannah

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