Starting off in welsh

I’m off to Cardiff Saturday and was wondering what are the chances of getting a positive response if I start speaking welsh to people say, when ordering food, at touristy stuff or buying something.

Up until now I’ve only used welsh when I was certain the other person could speak welsh, so I’m certain I’ll receive many “sorry, I don’t speak welsh” but am I likely to strike lucky?

Hope you have a nice time Saturday. I think you should strike lucky Ian. Let us know please. I nearly always start off in Welsh when in any part of Wales. I love to prove people wrong when they say… oh you won’t get any Welsh there ! When this happens ( and it mostly does) you come away with a big grin at least,

Hi Ian. It probably depends which part of Cardiff you are going to. More chance in Whitchurch and Pontcanna but if you start off with a quick shw mae or bore da you may be surprised how many will resond likewise. Hope you enjoy your visit.

Whenever I meet anyone with a Welsh accent - even here in Kent - I’ll throw in some Welsh to check if they speak Welsh. I think it’s fair to say a good portion can speak or at least understand a little…

If you’re anywhere near Coffee #1, Wood Street (near Cardiff Central Station) mid morning, you’ll be sure of a Welsh conversation as, unless things have changed, the SSIW monthly meet up should be taking place. You’ll also be guaranteed Welsh at Caban (Welsh book shop) on Kings Road, Pontcanna and Mochyn Du pub.

About 1 in 10 people speak Welsh in Cardiff so you should strike it lucky, but it all depends on area. Pontcanna, Canton, Whitchurch (there’s another welsh shop here) are the best areas. Some staff at the National Museum, WMC, Senedd etc will all speak Welsh.

Thanks for reminding me SJ! yes, I should be there, but Phil is away. And of course, we have “lost” you, Gareth and Dee!! Hopefully Ashley and Lauren will make it and perhaps a few of the other semi-regulars - Ann? David? Hopefully you will make it Ian and anyone else with you.

Gareth and I will be going to the Manchester meet up tomorrow, so if Ian comes to you it will be like an SSiW exchange! :slight_smile:

Sorry but we won’t be at the meet up tomorrow, got an appointment with my letting agency and then off to visit my mum. I have been way too busy recently, really can’t wait till things calm down, but it doesn’t look like it will any time soon!

My train gets in 10:55am will I be in time for the meet?

@sj lol, like Ssiw ambassadors (or vagrants)

@alison my Glaswegian bf can just about manage English :wink:

Ian, the meet up is usually from 10.30 am until 12.00/12.30. I’m sure you’ll be in plenty of time to meet everyone. The gang meet upstairs.