Starting Level 3 - missing vocab?

I’ve just started Level 3 (South) and I’m really struggling as it seems to include words I haven’t learnt, that I’m expected to know.

I started noticing this with the word ‘lle’ (‘place’) which I didn’t recognise - there were also some phrases that were said differently to how I’ve been taught in earlier lessons.

Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me? It feels like I’ve maybe missed a lesson or something but I can’t see any I haven’t done.

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Firstly, huge congratilations on getting to level 3 - you’re doing brilliantly!

It’s not that you’re expected to know them, it’s more like the experience of listening to a conversation/radio/tv programme - new words will aways pop up from nowhere, so at level 3, it’s getting you more and more used to that.

There is more than one to say lots of things and SSiW tries to expose you to as many as possible rather than teach only one, so that you’ll recognise the different forms when you hear them.


It’s a bit unnerving to have the new words and ways of phrasing without knowing to expect this - and to be honest I thought they’d be in the vocab list so I could see how to spell them (tricky to learn them otherwise). I understand the reasons behind switching things up though.


Ha, yes, I do seem to remember that ‘lle’… :smile:

…I’m sure Iestyn put it in for a laugh!

Rich :slight_smile: