SSiW's Facebook Presence

Dear all,

You may know that Say Something in Welsh has two public profiles on Facebook. One is our Facebook Page which we use to promote our products and services as well as share our news, videos and any interesting articles about the Welsh language and culture.

The other is our Facebook Group a place for people with a common interest in Wales and the Welsh language to connect with each other by sharing posts and advertise events ans services.

Over time, the Facebook Page has become our official platform on Facebook with the number of followers far exceeding that of the group. The group has also become difficult to manage and moderate and attracts a lot of spam.

As we already have this forum and our Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) group on Slack, where learners can interact and share, we have decided to close our Facebook Group.

The old Facebook Group served us very well in the early days when we seeking to expand our community of learners - we will be forever grateful to the group for this. But as SSi has evolved, with our daily operations slowly becoming more efficient and professional, we feel it’s time to move on.

Diolch all for your wonderful posts and involvement in out Facebook Group over the years. :heart:

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