SSiWers and Welsh second language WJEC CBAC exams

I know a few of us SSiWers decided to give a try to official exams (Welsh as second language? Welsh for adult learners? I’m not sure of the exact definition, but I know levels are Mynediad, Sylfaen, Canolradd, Uwch and maybe one more above).

This year it was speaking test only and you could do it via Zoom from anywhere in the world.

I had never planned to do it, but then lockdown made me lazy and unmotivated. Another learner suggested a challenge might help, so I registered for Sylfaen (having spoken maybe 6 times since February last year, it seemed enough for me). :grin:

On June 18th, I sat (or stood?)the exam and now got the result:

Quite happy about it! :sunglasses::v:

Who else has new and old experiences to share? I’d be curious to hear them (I know there’s somewhere we talked about this with @Cetra, @margarethall, @Betterlatethan and others, but can’t find it now.

p.s. Thanks go to regular chatters @Baruch, and Jennifer B. , Everybody at @nia.llywelyn’s Wednesday SSiW chat group, Saturday at noon (@rich) and outside this forum,Aberteifi (Philippa and Nic), Aberystwyth (Jaci) and Duolingo (Richard ,Morse) groups, I’ve been practicing with from March to June. @Deborah-SSi for having no mercy :sweat_smile: my first time in Wales, and SSiW and sorry if I’m forgetting anyone!


Llongyfarchiadau, @gisella-albertini.


Well done

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Da Iawn @gisella-albertini a ffrindiau!!

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Llongyfarchiadau! I did the mynediad version and passed. I’d forgotten how nerve wracking exams are! I don’t know if we will have the option to complete the full test in the future? Would be good to do the full thing too


Well done @gisella-albertini! :heart_eyes:
I had no intention of taking any other exams ever again either :joy: but for some crazy reason I took the Uwch speaking test this year… After finishing Level 3 SSIW I started to do the Uwch course with Dysgu Cymraeg. Like you Gisella, I wasn’t planning on doing the exam, but it was free, so I figured there was nothing to loose, so why not give it a shot!! :slight_smile: The course providers are also working hard to make sure there is provision despite the challenges of the pandemic, so I wanted to support their efforts too. It was done over Zoom - if there had been a need to travel to an exam centre I doubt I would have done it.
I passed too, with a score I’m really, really proud of (110/120) and there is no doubt in my mind that I’ve achieved this due to SSIW and the foundation that gave me. To be able to speak with others in a new language you have to grow the confidence to overcome the initial anxiety of trying to communicate in it when you can’t really speak it or understand it very well. The “challenges” got me so far (and a very long way!) but it was the real-life speaking practice with @nia.llywelyn that got me through the anxious, awkward part, taught me so much more, and turned me into a Welsh speaker. (Thank you, thank you, Nia :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)
As for the written part @lynne-ryan I understand that when they can offer it you will have the choice whether to re-do your spoken test, or to keep the score you’ve got (but if you score lower the second time round, you can’t then ask to keep your higher score).
Its really nice that I’ll have a certificate that demonstrates what I’ve achieved and something to show if I ever need to prove that I can speak Welsh, so it feels like a landmark and I’m pleased I did it now. As to whether I’ll do the written part… it might depend on logistics… but I think I would like to complete the full thing now… but I doubt I’ll get close to my speaking score though!!


Diolch I bawb! :blush:

p.s. additional thanks to @BronwenLewis one of first chats, @siaronjames, who ran one of the first on line chat groups I participated to (without understanding much at the time, to be honest, but first steps are always essential!). And @margaretnock who showed me around places in Wales and got me to practice a lot too. And Dave and Pat for the original inspiration, of course.

Ok now with all these thanks i make it seem as if I won the Academy Award, while I just passed a Sylfaen speaking test. :rofl:
But considering I wasn’t even sure I’d reach challenge 3 when I started, I feel it as quite an achievement for me.

P.p.s I passed the same level in French after several years of courses and having been to France many times since age 4. So SSIW method must have been way more efficient!

Llongyfarchiadau, @Cetra! (I’ll answer more later or tomorrow!


Diolch o galon @Cetra :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You work so hard , running Clwb Garddio and everything else :tada:

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Llongyfarchiadau mawr @gisella-albertini

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Llongyfarchiadau @gisella-albertini @Cetra @lynne-ryan and everyone else who had a go at the CBAC exams!
You can look back on the lockdown as a time of achievement, with a positive outcome. Da iawn chi!


Llongyfarchiadau mawr @gisella-albertini.

Congratulations ! :trophy::dancer::clap::tada:

Rich :slightly_smiling_face:

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I also took the opportunity to try the Uwch exam. I did the Canolradd some years ago and that involved spending most of the day in Aberystwyth and I’d never felt like doing the Uwch because it seemed like too much trouble. But given the chance to do it online, I signed up. I passed with a Distinction, so I’m really pleased.


That’s fabulous, @margarethall! Huge llongyfarchiadau to you as well. I feel the need for a grand SSi Party coming on when that finally becomes possible - and some of us (looking at @gisella-albertini) will have to visit Cymru for the event :partying_face:


@gisella-albertini Llongyfarchiadau! That is a fantastic achievement, much better than winning an Oscar. And it’s always great having a chat with you - diolch yn fawr iawn to you too. Be well, and pob lwc with your Welsh.


Brilliant. Congratulations.

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More diolchs to everybody, and llongyfarchiadau @lynne-ryan and @margarethall!

I get super anxious at exams myself so I’m not sure I’ll ever want to do full ones and other levels. For sylfaen I’ll leave it as is, in any case, cause if I have to do an extra effort it has to be a new challenge.
I also doubt they plan full long distance exams anyway. And when come to Wales next time, I’d rather come for a party (as @Deborah-SSi suggest than for sitting an exam!! :grin:


Llongyfarchiadau @gisella-albertini, @Cetra, @margarethall and @lynne-ryan.


I was quite apprehensive to register to sit the uwch speaking exam. I had been with ssiw joining the chats for 9months. I am pleased to say that I passed too .
I have gained a lot of confidence in speaking Welsh thanks to ssiw. Nia, Deborah and all ssiw staff are doing a fantastic job :clap:


I also hadn’t intended taking the CBAC because, normally, we’re in France in our caravan when the exam takes place but, of course, due to our limitations this year I decided, on the spur of the moment to take the Uwch challenge. I thought I’d be apprehensive on the day, as it’s many long years since I was last involved in any form of interview and often i was on the other side of the table, but I wasn’t, and it turned out to be relatively stress free. Anyway, I was happy with the outcome, achieving a mark much nearer to a distinction than a pass, and, encouraged by this, I may well go for the written part next year. Anyway, for anyone older and wonders if they’re up to the challenge, go for it. I’m in my eighties, so, if I can do it, anyone can.
Dal bati pawb


Sorry, dal ati