SSIWer presenting at North American Festival of Welsh (NAFOW), 2019

Aha. I’ve just put two and two together and realized that SSIWer @jeremywood_1 is presenting a seminar at NAFOW 2019 in Milwaukee in a couple of weeks on his work in preserving the Welsh language in Patagonia! Gwych! I’m really looking forward to your seminar and to meeting you, Jeremy. :slight_smile: (By the way, since you’ve posted here on SSIW, I figure you’re an SSIWer even if you learned Welsh elsewhere.)

Here’s the description from the NAFOW seminar webpage:

s13 Jeremy Wood is one of the best-known experts in Welsh Patagonia. He lives in Esquel with his Esquel-born wife, Cristina, and young son, Tomos. He is on the committee of the Welsh Society in Trevelin and is actively involved in fundraising for the Welsh school in Trevelin (Ysgol y Cwm - He is involved in numerous projects relating to Patagonia and to the Welsh in Patagonia, about which he writes regularly for newspapers and magazines in the UK and the United States.

‘Ysgol y Cwm – Preserving the Welsh Language in the Andes’
~ presented by Jeremy Wood
Friday, August 31 ~ 3:30pm - 4:30pm / Saturday, August 31 ~ 2:30pm - 3:30pm
This presentation explains how in 1885 the Welsh discovered their Beautiful Valley in the Andes Mountains, what it’s like to live there and how the Welsh language has been cosseted and preserved there to such an extent that the tiny town of Trevelin is now the proud owner of a new Welsh school, the only purpose-built Welsh school to be constructed anywhere outside Wales in living memory.


That’s seriously awesome!

Wish I could be there this year, but it’s just not possible. Will definitely be over next year, though… :slight_smile:

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Well, I hope you enjoy the presentation! The best way to learn Spanish and Welsh is to enrol in the intensive Welsh course we are running at Ysgol y Cwm in Trevelin in January!

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And January is in the middle of our glorious Patagonian summer!

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