SSiWer on Radio Cymru

Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere already ( I couldn’t find it if so) but our own wonderful Kai / @Novem has been on Radio Cymru this week, interviewed on Geraint Lloyd’s programme on 2nd October, starting about 30mins in. You can find it on iPlayer / Sounds.

Having started learning Welsh on SSiW, Kai is now a student at Bangor U studying Welsh, which is an amazing achievement. And if that wasn’t enough, the help Kai gave so many of us learners through the Monday night hangouts was immense.

Diolch a llongyfarchiadau i chdi, Kai. O’n i’n mor falch i glywed dy lais eto.


Here’s a link…


Awww, diolch :blush:


Wow - fantastic - I just had a listen through … what a lovely conversation…so natural

An inspiration to us all and yet another fantastic advert for SSIW (a Kai wrth gwrs!) [ I really like Geraint Lloyd too - I listen to him quite often -he seems such a nice man doesn’t he - bless him! ]

What a lovely little boost - thanks all for sharing.

Rich :slight_smile:


Hey, you were awesome, Kai! :star_struck: :sunglasses:

But what a mess the guy did with your cognome! :rofl:


Haha, I’m used to it after 9 years in Finland and a few months here!


Yes, Ffantastig, Kai

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I think the Pigion podlediad (Podcast) is a summary of BBC radio things.

Such an inspiration, I am from Wales (Abergavenny) and I am in China until August 2020, I’m doing SSiW over here and when I get back to my beloved Cymru, I will be going to Bangor U to study Welsh and Celtic Studies.

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I was listening to radio Cymru this morning and I can’t understand much but they mentioned SSIW OK I didnt understand anything and I was listening whilst doing other things :joy: