SSIW Website Format. Can people find the forum easily?

Maybe over worrying here, but I remember that on the main page the “Forum” link was obvious. Now you have to go through community. Barely a difference right? Probably.

The only way to test differences of website usage is clicks on different links before and after website navigation / format changes (taking into account other variables)

Just worried that newer learners when signing up will not see the forum. It is fantastic seeing new learners join us here. Just wondering if it is as obvious that we exist here.

Diolch am ddeall

Hi @brynle and diolch for your feedback!

As you may or may not know, SSi is going through a period of growth at the moment where we are upgrading much of our tech. We already have a new website, are working on new apps and are upgrading many of our online platforms.

We hope (crossing fingers tightly) that we will be close to completion by the end of the year, at which point all the little things that currently cause some difficulty will be resolved and navigating the SSi world will be much easier, clearer and hassle free.

Diolch for your patience! :slight_smile:

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Edrych ymlaen at weld y cynnyrch gorffenedig!

I will also try to help by directly advertising the forum link where possible on relevant social media groups.

years ago, forums (in general) used to be very popular, especially in the heyday of blogs. Its died down a bit in this current age of easy to upload and consume videos but its still an important tool for us to touch base on subjects like learning Welsh and sharing our struggles :smiley:

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