SSiW vs school classroom

My SSiW classroom for the weekend. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

p.s. one thing I couldn’t stand about schools and office-type jobs was/is being stuck in a room on sunny days…


I feel a few more pics on the way…!


I want to show wildflowers scattered/planted in my garden as seeds (in end March/ beginning April when started 6mws) still /now /just flowering as I enter the last 7-10 weeks’ worth of challenges at level 2… My classroom was much indoors this summer, but feeling more confident yn yr ardd eto rŵan…

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Yesterday I repeated lesson 25 of Level 1 for the first time since last summer (ooops I had completely forgotten about it!).

The intro music is different from next Levels, and as soon as I heard it I had an instant flashback to when I first did those challenges. That means: on the beach, in the summer, on vacation, relaxed, with a warm sun and a lovely summer breeze, watching the sea, enjoying myself. :sunglasses:
It felt great, and I realized how this feeling just ended up being glued to the experience of learning Welsh!

If I had been in an ugly room, with greenish neon lights, reminding me of school days, maybe a serious boring teacher and classmates with whom I have not much in common, looking at a cryptic book that makes Welsh look like an awfully complicated language…well it would have been very, very different.

And a few minutes later I realized that also the first time I heard Welsh, got hooked on singing nonsense on those Datblygu songs, I was enjoying myself and on vacation, in places like this:


So my enlightment: a good course is essential and @aran, @CatrinLliarJones, @Iestyn and @anon86454181 SSiW certainly is excellent, but…never underestimate the location and the atmosphere! :wink:


well learning requires memory and we don’t store information in bytes like a computer hard drive, but by linking lots of things together in a complex way and what better way to learn anything than to link it to vivid memories.


We need an SSIW’er who works as a teacher to send in a pic of them doing a lesson in a classroom now!