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@aran has put the first 10 minutes of Lesson 1 on a video in the newsletter and I don’t know how to tell him my reaction other than this!! Hopes this posting provides a useful topic for others to respond!!
I, at first, thought it would not help those who want to see the sounds being formed and would need a close-up of the actual real-life speakers! However, after about 10 seconds, I realised the spellings would show that 'dd; is not ‘f’ and, in later lessons, having the sentence written down would remove that terrible pressure on failing memories!!
My overall reaction was:

  1. Love it!
  2. Why didn’t I go with Gogledd from the word go? Never mind isio and ‘o’ for ‘he’, @aran says everything the way I do naturally!! (This comment is obviously totally personal from a mixed up gog/de hybrid!!)
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Not the problem, but you could post your reaction in “Video Stars” team presents. In this topic the first video of the series is (also) presented and the topic is there already for aproximately a month. :slight_smile:

However, I’m glad you like the whole thing.
And, yes, I sometimes wonder why I didn’t go for gogled also, but I still like de too. My goal: TO MIX EVERYTHING in one as much as possible perfect speach. - hehe. :slight_smile:

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Grovel!! I looked for the topic and failed to find it!! I think I even saw, “Video stars” and didn’t know what it was!! I suppose we can’t delete thi whole exchange?

Eh, no need to delete anything. There are quite some topics which are similar to another topics but they’re still here so paid becso. :slight_smile:

Post moved to main thread.

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