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Hi There,
I’m really new to SSiW & got started via the bedtime Welsh series, I’m slightly (!) older than the intended demographic but it was a great way to start & get some confidence.
My husband & I have now started the Levels/Challenges series & I’m a bit confused as to what we have access to with our subscription. I can see there’s a 6 min a day series as well…should we do that too? And should we also be accessing Slack?
Appreciate any pointers!

Hi, welcome!

Nowt wrong with being slightly older than an intended demographic - when I started (pre-SSiW) I avidly watched the childrens programmes on S4C!!

Only the first challenge is free I think, so you will be asked to subscribe to the 6 min a day course in order to carry on when you hit the paywall. However, for your money you get extra support from tutors, additional tasks that can help speed up the learning, and specific support on a dedicated Slack group.

We have two Slack groups - one is for those on the subscribed course but the other (WSP - Welsh Speaking Practice) is open to anyone, whether they are on a SSiW course or not. To join WSP, you’ll need to ask for an invite from


Hi, I recently joined the 6 min a day course, but I didnt get a Slack invite via email. I have emailed the admin email, but I have not heard any reply.
I am just curious to see whether or not I did indeed subscribe, I got an email from SSiW and money came out - but not Slack invite.

Sorry to be annoying haha.

I’ll tag @Stine for you - she may be able to check what’s happened. I think a link to the Slack 6/6 group should appear in one of the weekly emails. WSP is sort of separate and the invite/link to that would, I think, be in a separate email if you’ve asked to be invited to that too. Hopefully Stine can help look into it.

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Thank-you, that’s super helpful. We’re subscribed to the full class (just completed challenge 7 of level 1), so I think we also have access to Slack. I’ll send an email to ask to be added.

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Thanks, @siaronjames :+1:

@johnnie-zane-stewart - you’re not being annoying at all! I’ve had a quick look at your account and it’s not showing as you having a subscription to the 6 minutes a day course at present, which will be why you haven’t got a Slack invitation. However, I can also see from your email to us in the admin team that you had the welcome email from us about the 6 minutes a day course, so something has clearly gone a bit awry with your registration somewhere, for which many apologies. Don’t worry, my colleagues are looking into what’s happened, and they’ll reply to you as soon as they’ve got to the bottom of the issue and/or with any other questions they have. We’ll get this sorted out for you!

@carole-miller - your email’s also arrived absolutely fine and so this should be sorted for you within the next day or so.

Hope that helps, everyone :grinning:, cheers, Stine


Hi Johnnie, I’ve replied to your email, but just replying here too for completeness’ sake and for others’ info. Short version is, Slack themselves had a major outage on Monday evening (it even made the news!). All resolved now though in this case, and I’ve verified that no other people missed their invite as a result of this as far as I can tell!