SSIW Subscription Advice

I have been a SSIW subscriber for quite a while and currently pay £3.95 per month. I completed all 3 levels some time ago and dip into advanced material but am looking for something more structured which would push me to the next level and provide some regular speaking opportunities. I see there is a £10 a month Silver subscription and a £10 a month Deep End subscription (or are they the same?) and also a £35 month Gold option. I’m looking for advice as to what would be the best way forward for me and info on how to change subscription if that’s what is the best thing to do. Thanks.

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Llongyfarchiadau @helen-3! You’ve already covered all the material that is used in the structured courses. The 6 Minutes course is based on Levels 1 and 2, and the Deep End uses Level 3, so to join either of those would be repeating what you’ve done.

However, with those courses comes the opportunity to join in online group conversation practice sessions. There are sessions on a Tuesday specifically aimed at more advanced learners, so they may be suitable.

There is also the free Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group which you can join by sending an email to with WSP as the subject. That gives you opportunities to join in chats with others.

The £10 Silver subscription gives the same access to online material that you’re already getting for the old rate of £3.95. The Gold rate gives you the chance to join a Sprint Day once a month - where you work steadily through the Challenges and have group sessions in the afternoon - but once again, you’ve already progressed past that, so unless you wanted to treat them as revision sessions, your best bet would be the WSP.


Many thanks for the information and very good advice.

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If you haven’t tried already, I found the old course extremely useful after finishing the new one because:

  • it goes through permutations and combinations of verbs and person - I, you, he, she, we, you, they

  • has quite a bit of different vocab - always useful

  • in particular there are additional vocab units that run you through vocab in different areas eg months, colours, parts of the body, counting with masc and fem nouns - there are 20 of them I think

  • In particular I found Level 3 was quite a work out coming out of the new course - it goes through all of the short form verbs - past and present /future by person throwing in vocab as it goes - and mixing them all together…

Of course you will fly through the early stuff but it’s great revision/ consolidation - or you could cut in later.

There’s also the ‘Zoom at noon’ on Saturday and many of the people in this meeting have chats ‘around the side’ as it were, or are in other chat groups together. Opportunities abound :grin:

Rich :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, Rich. I have dipped into the old course but it sounds as though there’s benefit to be had from going through the whole thing. Good advice, and for the zoom at noon, too!