SSiW South

That’s his wife, Cat, who learned Welsh as an adult.

Thanks so much!

Kat pronounces words more correctly than Iestyn who uses the more commonly herad forms.

For example for ‘to watch’ Kat may say “chwilio” Iestyn may say “gwilo” or when mutated 'Wilo"

At least that’s what I think

I’m afraid I would have to disagree with that example - chwilio is to search, gwylio (and its mutated/colloquial form wylio) is to watch.

Sorry Siaron. Of course you are absolutely correct.

My example for ‘to watch’ should have said - Kat may say “gwilio” Iestyn may say “gwilo” or when mutated 'Wilo"

There are many examples in SSiW (south) where Kat speaks the correct form whilst Iestyn (a South East Walian) chooses to us the commonly spokebn colloquiql form.

Thanks for your response

Iestyn’s excellent Welsh was what I have been used to hearing even before I could understand it. In the lessons, I particularly valued the occasional difference in Cat’s “received” pronunciation. When we talk English, my Derby wife and I find the same issue. “Bus” and “Bath” are continuing bones of contention. :grin:

If anyone is in regular touch with Iestyn, Cat and family, please pass on my love and best wishes.



Done :blush:

Diolch o galon, Deborah. X

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I find it helpful to have the balance of Kat’s full pronunciation with Iestyn’s shortened version.
Is it true that Iestyn is no longer involved with SSiW?

Yes, it is, though I know he is still passionate about supporting Welsh learners

Can I ask 2 questions about the South Wales course…

What is the song at the start of the lessons and is that translated anywhere?

What does Lestyn say at the very end of the lessons in welsh?

Its bugging me! haha
Thanks :slight_smile:

The song at the start of the Level 1 challenges is “Wela i efo llygad bach i” by Lleuwen Steffan - you can find the translation on this thread The intro song - 'Wela i efo llygad bach i'
The song at the start of the Level 2 and 3 challenges is “Coffi Du” by Gwibdaith Hen Frân, and there’s a video version with translation on this thread Level 3 South

As for what Iestyn says, do you mean the “Hwyl am y tro” ? (= goodbye for now)

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No thats not it, it sounds like ’ da bo ma-draw’… (thats my phonetic example!!) haha…

actually, that could be it! I didnt notice ‘Hwyl’ but the ‘y tro’ could be what i thought was ‘ma-draw’ lol

which challenge in particular are you thinking of? I only looked at Level 1 intro, so I don’t know if he says the same thing at the end of all of them, but I can check again if it’s a different challenge.

I’ve just listened to the ends of challenges 1-5 and there Iestyn just says “Da bo” (= da boch = goodbye), so if he says something different further on in the course, let me know and I’ll have another listen :slight_smile:

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he says it at the end of challenge 09 on level 1 south wales (newest ones) and Kat says ‘Hwyl’

ok, so here he says “Da bo am y tro” - “goodbye for now” :slight_smile:


perfect! thank you (diolch yn fawr!)

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I tend to say “da bo” instead of “hwyl”. I think it’s a hwntw / south thing.


Thank you, D. Sorry for the delayed response.

Iestyn was excellent. Please pass on my best wishes when you are next in contact.

Nadolig llawen a flwyddyn newydd dda i ti.