SSiW[sold out]Party in Caernarfon - 29/04/17 (follow for info + activities)

Firstly, big apologies for having skipped a year with the SSiW party. I won’t bore you with the details, but life took over and organising a get together became a little difficult.

But we are now back on track and ready to go again! After experimenting with different formats and venues, we’ve finally decided to take inspiration from the Welsh National Eisteddfod. 2017’s SSiW bash will be held up here in the North, then the next one in 2018 will be down South. We’ve also noted that the beginning of the year in the middle of winter can be a difficult time of year, so have decided that next year’s bash will be in early spring.

I am meeting with the events organiser of a fab venue on Thursday morning, so hopefully will have some exciting news for you very soon. I’m also hoping to invite some special guests. The venue will be in a location close to a wide choice of hotels and guest houses and will have good transport links.

We will announce the dates before the end of November and will make sure that the event is well advertised before we open the booking page.

Thanks for your continuing patience and support and I’m hoping that we will be able to raise glasses together very soon.


I thought a poll might be interesting and give us a good idea of numbers -

  • Dw i’n sicr am fynychu! / I’m definitely going to attend!
  • Mae gen i ddiddordeb mewn mynychu / I’m interested in attending
  • Dw i ddim am fynychu y tro hwn / I’m not going to attend this time

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Raise a temp Skype line and I’ll be there. :slight_smile:


We have had open Google Hangouts in the past so people could pile in and grab the headphone in turn to talk to the “virtual” atendees!


Spring is an excellent idea. Venue “close to a wide choice of hotels and guest houses with good transport links” - Hmmmm - Ibiza? :laughing:


Oh, go on, you’ve persuaded me…:wink:


At your age? :wink:


na’ Oxford. (wishful thinking).

Cheers J.P.

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Oooh, if you time it just right, I may even be in Wales …



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If you let Catrin know your dates, she might be able to take them into account. It would be great to put a face to the name.

If that’s not possible, I recall that Portland (OR) has excellent “hotels, guest houses and transport links”. :wink:

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Timing’s not nailed down for our part yet either, but we’re likely coming over sometime during Bangor University’s Gwyliau’r Pasg (with possibility of extending over a bit past as well).

And of course if you find yourself taking advantage of Portland’s fine transport links in the future, give me a shout :slight_smile:


I’m keen


UPDATE! :smile:

SSiW’s 2017 big bash will be on Saturday the 29th of April! This is May Day Bank Holiday weekend, which will hopefully allow a greater flexibility with people travelling from afar and wanting time off work. We’re also hoping for more favourable weather … we’ll see… :wink:

The location will be the Galeri in Doc Fictoria in Caernarfon -

Almost immediately next door to the Galeri there’s a Premiere Inn and a Travelodge. Then about 1/2 blocks down is the posher and rather more expensive Celtic Royal hotel. Caernarfon is packed with guest houses, B&Bs and hotels - something to suit all tastes and budgets. It has fabulous bus links and Bangor Train station is just 20 minutes away.

Caernarfon is a beautiful waterside town with so much interesting history. You’ll be able to enjoy the stunning castle, roman remains and a fabulous coastline. The town is packed full of Welsh, locally run shops, from galleries to bookshops, crafts to artisan chocolates, Welsh cafes and restaurants and fabulous pubs including the historical Black Boy inn.

The Galeri itself is a not for profit community enterprise operating as a Development Trust and a hub of Welsh culture. It is sittuated right in the heart of Doc Fictoria/Victoria Dock and overlooks the harbour. It is a creative enterprise organising annually between 400 – 500 events , with ticket sales of over 40,000 consistently. Galeri’s artistic programme includes a range of art-forms including theatre, film, music, dance, talks, literature, exhibitions, workshops and short courses. It has a fabulous cafe bar with a wonderful atmosphere and several studios/function rooms.

The room we have provisionally booked holds a maximum of 60 guests, so first come first served. We will be releasing the ticket prices within the next two weeks and the ticket sales page soon afterwards. The price of the tickets will not be considerably different from previous years.

We are also working on including a range of special guests which will add a special sparkle to the evening.

Please keep a close eye on this thread for further info very soon!!!






Caernarfon Premiere Inn

Caernarfon Travelodge

Celtic Royal Hotel -

Does anyone know how to make these links shorter please? Diolch! [Diolch Aran!] :slight_smile:


I’ve just booked the time off work so you can count us in and we’re already excited. :blush::blush::blush::blush:

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I’m not panicking yet, folks, but the Premier Inn and Celtic Royal are sold out already for 29th April, 2017.
Some booking sites including allow you to cancel up to the day before (at a premium) which may be worth considering.