SSiW Online Eisteddfod 2021 WINNERS

One more winner revealed today: Prose - Beginner.

Her name may sound familiar at this point because she won People’s Choice in Visual Art.

Here, she won Polls / People’s Choice and judge Lois Arnold’s choice too. Llongyfarchiadau mawr!

“Dw i’n yno” by Y miten gwlân (Debbie Smith)


Wow, I am stunned. Gven the brilliant pieces that were submitted I am thrilled—well done one and all!

We have had such disasterous floods here in British Columbia over the past 10 days, (with more storms on their way), that I have been thinking of auctioning a painting locally to raise money for the disaster fund. This gives me confidence to try, but perhaps a brighter, more ‘hopeful’ image will be more appropriate—nobody would want a reminder of the huge loss of lives, livestock and livelihoods which folk have suffered as a result of the ‘Dilyw’.

Thank you everyone who submitted such inspiring works for us all to enjoy. Thank you Gisella for all you have done to make the Eisteddfod such a success, and thank you SSiW for making this all possible.

Llongyfarchiadau pawb, a diolch yn fawr iawn!
Mari aka ‘Gobaith’


Right before the weekend, getting closer to XMas, it seems a good moment for reading or re-reading book reviews, and find inspiration for visiting a book shop.

First announcement today, then, is for winners of Adolygu llyfr / Book review category. Here we go!

Judge Lois Arnold’s choice:
1af Ar Goll Am Eiriau - ‘Geiriadur Cymraeg Cyfoes’ gan @garethrking
by Cam Ceiliog (Amanda King)

2il ‘Trwy’r ffenestri’ gan Frank Brennan
by hap y ddamwain (Sara Jones - @frankandsara)

3ydd ’60’ gan Mihangel Morgan
by Mynd a dod (Jenny Roberts)

Polls / People’s Choice
60’ gan Mihangel Morgan
by Mynd a dod (Jenny Roberts)


Thank you Lois Arnold, I’m honoured you put my review third. I still remember the day I picked up “Ffenestri” and found I could actually READ the first story, then the second . . . and so it went on. Kindness and humanity, above all, shine out in all your stories, and to my mind they have yet to be bettered as an entry into reading in Welsh. And thank you to all the wonderful People – I’m honoured again. And have you read Pantglas, also by Mihangel Morgan, with pictures by Ruth Jen? You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but you’ll never forget it.


And the winner is
I am thrilled to win 2nd place in the book review category.
Diolch yn fawr iawn Lois Arnold.
A massive :clap:thank you to Nia for her continuous encouragement and support.
And most of all for the wonderful ,professional work done by Gisella who makes everything look and feel so good.


O wow, diolch yn fawr Sara! :blush: :star_struck:

And thanks @MarilynHames!

But now…no time to rest on my laurels, as there still quite a few to be announced! :sweat_smile:

p.s. for today I hope you in Wales and UK are all keeping safe from Storm Arwen and I’ll be back on Monday with more Prose (or maybe Poetry? :grin:) results!


A light start for Monday morning with…
Limerick category winners:

Judge Nia Llywelyn’s Choice:
“Daith ar y traeth” by Siôn o’r Fannau (John Stephens)

People’s Choice
“Crancod” by Cilgwynbach (Sue Humberstone)



Llongyfarchiadau, John a Sue!


Oh wow!!! Thank you to the organisers and to anyone who voted for Crancod! It took me days of pouring over the dictionary, making lists of rhyming words and counting syllables :rofl::rofl: but I really enjoyed it. Hopefully next year my welsh will have improved so that i will find it slightly easier !!! Diolch yn fawr iawn !!


SSiW Online Eisteddfod news, evening edition! :mega: :mega: :mega:

Englyn Milwr category

Judge’s Choice (Bethan Gwanas)
1af “Hiraeth” by Adar bach (Camilla Walker - @Camilla_Walker )
2il “Stori ddi-ddiwedd” by Crwban bach (Fran Hunnisett - @franhunni)
3ydd “Gwlad Mam” by Natur (Suzanne Arnold)

People’s Choice
“Eich gwlad chi” by Elfed Ystablau (Ed Watson)

Da iawn!


Let us commence today with Prose category (Post-Beginner level).

Judge’s Choice (Emyr Llywelyn)

1af - C59 “Cyngor y Cewri” by Neb (Amanda King - @amanda-king)
2ail- C32 “Bywyd Rhwng Môr a Mynydd” by Ceffyl Gwyn (Cetra Coverdale Pearson - @Cetra)
3ydd- C22 “Llandudno, eto” by Saeth a seren (Verena Maser - @VArakawa )

People’s Choice
Cydradd 1af:
“Un Diwrnod Braf” by Jinks (Catherine Woodhouse)
“Llandudno, eto” by Saeth a seren (Verena Maser - @VArakawa)



:scream::scream::scream::scream: So much love for my piece, anhygoel! Diolch, pawb. And I was in doubt whether a piece about climate change was a bit too dark for the Eisteddfod …


Thank you very much!!! :slight_smile: :heart_eyes: I wasn’t sure if a salmon’s story would be interesting enough so it just goes to show that with the eisteddfod you just need to take the plunge and have a go!! :slight_smile:


And congratulations @amanda-king - I liked your story too! :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:


And at last…Short Poem category winners!

Judge’s Choice (Ieuan Wyn)
1af ‘Môr a Mynydd a Yr Ysgwrn’ by Cyflythrennu (Sara Jones - @frankandsara)
2il ‘Rwy’n Byw Yma’ by Doodle (Judy Munford - @judy-munford)
Cydradd 3ydd:
‘Mynydd a Môr’ by Amynedd (Peter Allen - @peterallen)
‘Môr a Mynyddoedd’ by Bilidowcar (Angharad Jones)

Cymeradwyaeth arbennig
‘Stormydd Bywyd’ by Eirlys (Ann Watts)

People’s Choice
‘O dywod Casablanca i draeth Newgale’ by Estrys (Yacob Cajee)

Llongyfarchiadau to all and a final note for our bardds here, from Ieuan Wyn (hopefully inspiring even more next year!

Daeth 17 o gerddi i law – nifer arbennig o dda. Diolch i bob ymgeisydd am ymateb i’r testun a mynd ati i fyfyrio, rhoi trefn ar eu meddyliau a’u teimladau, a chwilio am y geiriau a’r ymadroddion i’w cyfleu yn y ffordd fwyaf effeithiol. Mae pob un wedi llwyddo i’w fynegi eu hun yn glir yn yr iaith.


Waw!! Diolch yn fawr iawn :blush:


Llongyfarchiadau, bawb! So much talent in that category!


Wow! Congratulations everyone - that was a really tough class to judge!! There were so many excellent entries too choose from! :slight_smile:


So pleased to have taken part in this event and loved all the poems, what a great Online Eisteddfod. Diolch for such an opportunity!


Totally agree.
I learned so much by trying to write my first poem in Welsh; hopefully the first of many.
Huge thanks to Gisella for the way it was organised on here, and to all the judges for giving their time.