SSiW on the news?

I’m listening to Radio Cymru like a good student and I heard them mention SSiW just now on the 9am news. Unfortunately couldn’t understand the rest so does anyone know why SSiW is in the news?


Ha, ha, yes - they were talking about approx 150 learners arriving in Caernarfon from all over the world to celebrate SSIWs 10th birthday.

How lovely to get a mention.

Rich :slight_smile:


Not on the radio this time, but on the Golwg360 website - The winner of the Apprentice (a TV series, where contestants compete for a £250,000 investment in their business) is leaning Welsh using SSiW :+1:

The article is in Welsh, but if you click the little ‘vocab’ button next to the Golwg logo, it underlines lots of useful words and phrases to help get through some of the more complex parts of the article.